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decade vegan trying to go RAW


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HI I'm Victoria


I've been a vegan for about 15 years, high raw for about 2.

Before that I was a vegetarian.


I am VERY active

I run marathons - qualified for BOSTON my first try!!

I also teach group exercise classes, both spinning and weight training at GOODLIFE (canada)

I also teach physical education!


I have a 6 year old vegan as well!


I am interested in going RAW. I am have a VERY hard time of it..you can reqad about my struggle at living-foods.com - just go to the journaling area and look for me RAWRNR.


I am ADDICTED To wheat and am a compulsive binge eater.

I abuse my body with food and then abuse it with exercise...


I am currently on day 7 of a juice FEAST


Hello to all!

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Welcome Victoria!


Thanks for the intro. We have lots of raw athletes here including other marathoners who are raw.


Well done qualifying for Boston on your first effort!


Have a great time exploring our forum and getting to know our community members.


Great to have you here. All the best and welcome aboard!

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thank you all...


I went through a whole watermelon a day for about a week after my last juice fast last spring.....


That's ALL I wanted...we'll see how this FEAST turns out!!


Nice to meet you all!

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I did a fast when I made the switch too about a month ago, although I used the master cleanse.


I am about a month into raw and blogging here...I will check out your blog and look forward to hearing from someone else going through the struggle.


Welcome to the forum! If you get a second please vote for me (see below).

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