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i'm very new to this forum. i found it through vegan-forum.com on a post.


i'm trying to live a healthier vegan lifestyle by cutting down on processed foods and attempting to find an excersise program that i enjoy.


my goal is to eventually become a raw vegan. any suggestions on making the transition? and (i know this is a stupid question) does anyone know how much a food dehydrator costs approximately??


it's great to meet you all! <3

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Welcome, ChelseaB... you'll be able to find a dehydrator for under $100. As far as raw goes, how fast you transition depends on your will power, and how you feel doing it. You could start by cutting all cooked food out of breakfast and lunch, then all meals during the week, then inlude wknds. It takes a bit of time to figure out what to eat, and how the foods make you feel.


I've been transitioning over the last 3 months, and am now at about 90% raw. I don't use my dehydrator much at all anymore, and am mostly eating fresh fruit and vegetables. I detoxed pretty hard, so be prepared for that to happen on and off for a while. It's different for everyone.


Good luck!

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I think most people in here are high raw and many of us are increasing the percantage of raw that we consume. I'd say I'm about 70-90%. To me the important thing is whole foods.

As others mentioned you will probably feel discomfort as you go towards a healthier diet, I felt this too but you will feel better when you come out the other end and you will appreciate foods that you didn't like before.

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Welcome to the forum.


The transition for me was over a year, but that is from a typical SAD diet to raw vegan, and I have been eating 100% (minus the occasional seasoning or questionable dehydrated food) for about a month and a half with nothing that I would describe as a negative "detox" symptom.


I tried to go raw really fast, without giving myself time to learn about raw foods and all that stuff with poor success, then again I learned a lot so maybe it was needed. Calorically I would guess I was eating more like 50% raw for a few months before I made the switch (because my cooked foods were so much more dense, 90% by weight is more like 50% by calorie).


Good luck to you, and feel free to check out my blog showing everything I have consumed since going raw. Maybe you should start one yourself, it has helped me, and it gives you a record to look at your diet without trying to think about it everyday.


Oh, and if you get a chance, click the link below and vote for me in the PETA contest!





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