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Best Vegan Physique?


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These are just a few random photos of my vegan friend Gabe. He is a two-time World Champion wrestler and nearly got a world record in the deadlift a while back (which I mentioned on the forum). He has also benched over 400 pounds and only weighs about 160 pounds (he's about 5'5")


I will FINALLY be getting the interview with him online soon and we'll get better quality photos.


These are just a few from a couple of weeks ago. davidtarrfoster and xdarthveganx have met him...oh and loveliberate randomly met him 2 weeks ago too.


He's super nice and may, just may, have the best vegan physique out there.









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Gorilla chest alert!!! That's meant as a big compliment.


In my opinion and experience, vegan diets make denser squarer muscles, particularly on torsos. I think it may be the many minerals in plant foods. Vegetables (like leafy greens) can be quite high in protein too.


My husband Steve's chest is hard even when he hasn't been working out much. I'm not muscular but I gained more muscle as a vegetarian than I ever had as a meateater, and keeping whatever muscle tone I do have is easier now. We've both been vegan/near-vegan (because we used to eat honey occasionally in the past) for about 15 years. We've always eaten a lot of vegetables; Steve in particular loves to have a big salad every day.


Keep up the good work (everyone else too!) and happy vegan eating,



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He's even bigger/buffer in person!


It was funny how I met Gabe:


My family & I were hanging out in the Sweet Life Patesserie (sp?) down in Eugene when this crew of muscular guys walk in. I'm sitting across the room from them & notice that they keep looking over at me, then talking to each other. I wasn't sure why this was happening until I remembered that I was wearing my VB&F tshirt.

I've had a couple of folks tease me about the shirt before so I wasnt sure how to interpret these guys actions. After a couple of minutes, the biggest guy of the group walks over and... It turns out to be Gabe!


He introduces himself & asks if I know Robert / where I got the shirt. I was very happy when I found out that he's vegan - he was by far the most muscular person in the (very crowded) place!


Now I regret not talking with him more...

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Thanks for all the comments. I've been trying to get Gabe featured on the main website for a while now. We've both been very busy. I see him every month. He lives about 2 hours away so I go visit him every once in a while.


Gabe has been vegan for 1-2 years, though closer to 1 year than 2 I believe.


As loveliberate said, he's bigger in person, and xdarthveganx said the same thing too when he met Gabe last week.


I have more photos and we'll get many more soon. He's a super nice guy and promotes the vegan lifestyle a lot through his work, his sports, and in his lifestyle.


His near world-record in the deadlift was just 6 months ago or less. A couple of forum members attended at watched. It was pretty sweet. His girlfriend (so, no he's not single) is vegan also and may get a world record on the bench press.


There are great vegan athletes all over the place, not just online.


He may not have the best vegan physique but certainly has one of the most muscular ones I've ever seen and I've been around for a while

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