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I wish my mouth were a vacuum and I could suck in all those foods at once--but then I'd probably get a huge stomachache! Blueberries, pomegranates and mangoes are my favorite fruits and are like food of the gods, if there were gods (hehe, I'm an atheist). I once posted on my blog that I should create a blueberry, pomegranate and mango cult where everyone worships those fruits.


Right now I'm content eating some raw pie for breakfast/lunch from Raw Food Made Easy For 1 Or 2 People; the pie is just blended fresh and dried mango in a coconut, walnut and date crust and it's awesome, like all the recipes in that book. I'm so happy I came across it because I find many raw cookbook recipes waaaay too complicated. None of the recipes in RFME call for dehydration, and all are vegan, except a few where she makes an optional cheese suggestion at the end for people who are vegetarian, which is annoying reading, but is the only really bad thing about the book. Oh--it's not a hundred percent raw because of a few condiments and other suggestions and one heated soup recipe, it's like 99%, which is okay with me (I eat a lot of raw but not completely) but maybe wouldn't be okay for others.


The book includes a helpful weekly shopping-list guide. The dessert recipes are so awesome, the ones heavier on nuts are so rich that you wanna eat more than you really should. I took pics of the banana pudding and the spring rolls, maybe I'll post them on my site.


Good luck going fruitarian!

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The sunny season has begun - going back to raw fruit diet. Going to do it right this time and take a multivit during the first stage of the transition. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the best way to live!




The following is a selection of what I will be nourishing myself with from now on:


* Apples

* Almonds

* Pears

* Avocados

* Tomatoes

* Pumpkin seeds

* Bananas

* Grapes

* Watermelon

* Strawberries

* Blueberries

* Walnuts

* Cashew nuts

* Brazil nuts

* Oranges

* Grapefruit

* Figs

* Peaches

* Apricots

* Pineapple

* Blackcurrants

* Cranberries

* Acerola cherries

* Mangos

* Passionfruit

* Pomegranate


Makes your mouth water just readng the list doesn't it?


Hi Gorilla,

just curious: How many calries do you eat daily and how often do you eat? Do you eat any salads or strictly fruit?

The reason I am asking is I read your thread"Gorilla's anabolic secret" and enjoy the positive vibe you and Bigbwii put out. I've been vegan for nearly one year and am getting back into training. You have made great strides. I hope to do as well, just don't know if an all-out fruitarian diet is ideal for me.

Take Care and thanks for sharing your progress.


Take Care--Patrick

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Hi Patrick - thanks. Just fruit salads. The only processing is chopping/slicing, and I've also been having a lot of avocado and cucumber salads, grating the cucumber and mixing in the avocado.

Avocado and cucumber are sometimes known as fruit-vegetables - they are in the fruit family. And nuts and seeds are in the fruit family too, so it's very easy to consume enough calories.

I cycle the fruits I eat, but to give you an example, this is a typical daily menu:


Meal 1:

2 apples

75g walnuts


Meal 2

2 bananas

75g almonds


Meal 3

2 avocados

1 cucumber, grated


Meal 4

1 mango

1/4 watermelon

1/2 pineapple


Meal 5

1 orange

75 g brazil nuts


Meal 6

2 peaches

50g blueberries

75g cashew nuts


Meal 7

1/2 cantaloupe melon

50g strawberries

50g grapes



Meal 8

2 bananas

25g walnuts



I interchange oranges with grapefruits, blueberries with pomegranate, peaches with nectarines, etc. etc. - basically a week's menu will incorporate most of the things in the list on my bodyspace.


Good morning Gorilla,

Thanks for sharing this. I have been vegan for nearly 1 year and eat quite of bit of salads and fruits. But I also eat cooked food. I am not the type to count calries, do you? If so, how many calories do you eat daily? I am just a bit afraid to tackle an all out fruitarian diet with thefear to lost weight. I would most likely eat salds too because I love them. I am seeing your physique, you are in great shape. I've spoken to my girlfriend about this and, it's a tough call.I get awfully hungry after training, tennis or running. And I don't know whether just fruits would be satiating.

Thanks again--Take Care. We'll chat again.


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Glad you liked the Henry Rollins text.

For me, my diet was already mostly fruit so it was not hard to cut out cooked food.

Yes - my dialogue with Bigbwii over the past 18 months has been most fruitful

I didn't intend that pun but there we go - a sign

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... of course you are hungry after training


- yes I count calories - it's important to take in slightly more calories than you burn every single day in order to build muscle (I consume over 4000 calories on heavy training days)

- I aim for 500-600 calories per meal, 8 meals per day (last meal is usually only 250-300 calories)

- I usually train between meals 4 and 5, and I eat extra bananas before and after training

- I recommend this site: http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00001-01c20Tm.html

(essential information)

- the moisture content is significant - this is what contributes to the 'satiated' feeling

- I also drink a lot of still spring water

- it's important to understand the science of nutrition to see that fruit provides everything the body needs

- during the transitioning I've been continuing to take a multivit/mineral supplement, mainly for the B12 ...

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Yes - my dialogue with Bigbwii over the past 18 months has been most fruitful


@James: So was mine. I am high raw/fruit (about 90%) for some time now.


@Patrick: Concerning weight lossI have to say: Bigbwii is correct when he says that many loose weight during the detox. I lost about 30 pounds. Fruit do not make you full, but satisfied. You will learn where the difference is after a while.

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- you have to find the right QUANTITY of food for you to not only maintain muscle but continue building


- now, I appreciate that I am very lucky as I am a student, which means I can eat from when I wake up, right through the day, with my last feed about an hour or so before I go to bed


- it's a lot of food: 8 feeds a day is a luxury


- it's easy for me to take in the required amount of food, and I have lots of time to rest


- if you have a job where you can't eat, train and rest in this way (i.e. most jobs), then it is harder


- I will be starting a nine to five (probably more like nine to seven) job this summer, and it will be harder during the week - I'll be aiming for more like an average of 5 feeds per day, and will make sure I'm taking in around 750 calories per meal (will undoubtedly use blender more and have more smoothies)


- then hopefully I will have weekends free to eat, train and sleep


- it's all about intake, and it is a science - you really need to know your baseline requirements, taking into account the intensity of your training, and make sure you are taking in enough calories

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Fruit does not make you full, but satisfied. You will learn where the difference is after a while.


- it is a different feeling, yes: what is nice is that everything apart from the insoluble fibre is being assimilated by the body! Hence just perfect, trouble-free digestion.


- I feel full and satisfied - again it depends on quantity. Maybe we're not using the word 'full' in the same way - yes it's difficult to feel bloated - you'd have to really stuff yourself! You can feel straight away when your stomach is full. One of the many bad things about cooked food is that one can easily go beyond the point where your stomach is too full, which leads to indigestion


- you really just have to find what works best for you - and yeah, just listen to your body ...

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all that fruit sounds great.

earlier today, you motivated me to buy alot of fruit when I went shopping.

I've been having some craving for a lot of fruit lately, so I might try this out as well.

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