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Although this is something I am really interested in, I have trouble seeing how you can grow with only fruits.

...and you are not the only one having this trouble. We had discussions about this for a really long time and at the end it comes down to what you believe in and feel right with IMO.

Hmmm, this is something I actually want to try later, but I still don't know...

Plus Washington is not the best place for fruits

I would keep raw vegetables though



Why not keep soaked/sprouted nuts/grains ?

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I've been pure fruitarian (just raw fruit and green leafy veggies) for a year and a half. Although I'm very fit (and 48 yrs old), I have not been able to gain weight just eating fruit. When I increase my fat consumption (raw nuts), I gain weight very rapidly but loose the ripped leaness. I also gain weight when I add creatine, but it screws up my digestion so I'm not sure I'll be able to use it-I'm experimenting with reduced dosage currently. If necessary, I'll just have to settle with more of a triathlete look than a body builder look. At the end of the day, I'm just really happy to be so healthy and energetic. I have friends my age who have already had heart attacks and by-pass surgery. I feel and look better than (except I have Essential Tremor which is mostly incurable) when I was 18. I've seen photos of many people who are low-fat raw (basically just fruit and green leafy veggies, no nuts or seeds or very little) and they are invariably slim and lean. Many raw vegans who eat lots of fat (nuts, seeds, oils, and avacados) are often heavy and sometimes downright fat. In my experience, if you feel like your too lean as a raw vegan its easy to pile weight on (for many of us) just by eating more fats.

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(I went down the road of trying to bulk up by reducing aerobic CV exercise to a minimum, i.e. just walking from A to B, and focusing on anaerobic exercises - lifting and stretching. However I feel that this is not necessarily the best plan for everyone in the long-term: probably not many people would recommend it as a long-term exercise plan - I was just fixated on "bulking up". With regard to nutrition, if you stick to the mono-dieting principles outlined earlier in this thread then you're probably not going to stand out from a distance on a bodybuilding stage but ... I guess we have to figure out what's most important to us and what we need to do to progress/survive/thrive mentally and physically.

Keep it up

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interesting... I've been finding that cutting the cardio way down has really helped me with adding muscle mass. Seems like when I do more cardio, my body just leans right out.

I've always played cardio intensive sports so I guess there is significant muscle memory involved.


How did your body react when you started reintroducing cardio?

I'm a bit worried that my new found gains may diminish

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I haven't had the balance right between high intensity cardio work and massive weight lifting for a long time now but if you look at the two pics below, I can confirm that the condtion you see there followed about 12 months of intense training - rowing (indoor machine plus on the river) and squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, cleaning and pressing. I had a LOT of free time that year - my "sophomore" year.





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well those results are certainly a compelling reason to train that way!!!


I'm a firm believer. I started an HST program about three weeks ago and I've seen more results than I saw in the past year of circuit training!

Now I'm at the point where I need to blast the stubborn fat .... HIIT here I come!


it was great reading about your experience as it really confirms just how well high intensity training works

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thanks - it does work well -I was doing high intensity aerobic work in the morning (we would run to and from the river) and then anaerobic work (a lot of squatting and power cleans) in the afternoon/early evening (at an excellent converted warehouse with rubber olympic weights like in this video of Mariusz shoulder training:


"I'm not 19 any more" like in this clip, David Brent motivating:


My expectations in terms of the "post-university work-life balance" are a lot more realistic now and I've taken some positive steps in terms of my career, so feeling quite good.

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Man, should have invited the teacher to a arm wrestling match-you look like you could put that myth about complete animal protein to sleep real quick. Amazing what passes for knowledge, even among educated people.

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cardio as planned today - definitely what I needed. deadlifts Thursday. activating abs and glutes.


improving lots. will sleep deeply again - visualising and focusing.

in school tomorrow (Wednesday) 9AM-3.45PM then work 5PM-9PM

Thursday - school then Deadlifts 5PM-6PM

Friday - school, work 5PM-9PM

Saturday - Full body weights session midday, work 5PM-10PM

Sunday - rest day, work 5PM-10PM (Michael McIntyre - very funny comedian, big in UK)

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so yesterday I did the double shift at the theatre - the first show was a recital by two young musicians: trumpet accompanied by piano. I spoke to the musicians before and after the performance and listened to the second half of the recital.

Then in the evening it was

Benjamin Zephaniah

talking about his life and performing some of his poetry. It was a full house, really busy.

- it was really cool to meet him:




-I took him some fresh fruit juice before the show, and I went into the auditorium for the middle part of his presentation.

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weights as planned today:


upright rows 20xbar

bent over rows 20xbar

Romanian deadlifts 20xbar

deadlifts 20xbar+20kg

DB pullovers 20x10kg

DB one-arm rows L/R 20x10kg

DB incline bench press 20x10kg

Lat pull-down narrow 20x20kg,

Lat pull-down wide 20x20kg, 8x40kg

upright rows 8xbar+20kg

deadlifts 20xbar+20kg, 15xbar+20kg

incline leg-press machine 20x40kg, 20x60kg, 20x70kg

chest press machine 20x20kg, 20x25kg


fitting in the calories a lot better, starting with juice in morning, date/almond bars at morning break, buffet lunch yesterday and today with staff - salad, banana, then 2 bananas, one apple, 2 date/almond bars on way home, 1.5L water during day up till gym session, 2.5L water during gym session, tomato/vegetable soup at home after gym session, classical music, bath


i'll be going into school 2/3 times a week for the next 5 weeks, then it's summer holidays, when I will do a lot of reading/preparation for assessments, then full-time teacher training from September - will stop doing the theatre work at that point


on Saturday will do more sets, higher weights for chest/shoulder presses, rows, as well as DB split squats, BB squats and leg-press machine:

press-ups 20 reps 3 sets

upright rows 20xbar, 15xbar+10kg, 12xbar+15, 10xbar+20

bent over rows 20xbar, 15xb+10, 12xb15, 10xb20

DB flat bench 20x10kg, 15x12, 12x14, 10x16

DB incline bench, 20x10, 15x12, 12x14, 12x 14

DB shoulder press 20x8 ...

DB split squats with reverse woodchop 20x10...

BB squats

machine leg press 20x60kg, 15x70kg, 12x80kg, 10x90kg, 8x100kg.

machine chest press 20x20 ...


on Tuesday will do more sets and higher weights for cleans, Romanian deadlifts, standard deadlifts plus chest

-the plan is to do full body sessions, alternating squats and deadlifts


Dude am I reading this correctly?! DB flat bench 10kg? Are you overloading your muscles at all?


Also, what are your stats (height/weight) sorry maybe you mentioned it in this thread I just don't wanna read every page looking for it.

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a) yes, correct b) yes, 10kg dumbbells c) no


about 1.85m/1.86m 6'1.5''. weight has fluctuated from about 9 and a half stone up to 13 and a half stone in the last 5 years. no idea what it is now - i see it as irrelevant really - I'm more interested in having low body fat, good skin condition, good digestion, clear respiration, steady heart rate, feeling calm - I've tried to bulk up in the last few years - that attempt is an unnecessary source of anxiety/feeling of inadequacy - it doesn't really work for me personally - I'd rather be lean -skinny even - and fit and I am hopeful that I will get closer to that goal, even though it's been up and down along the way ....

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I've had more clarity since reminding myself of these principles, and am much more positive going forward, confident that learning from experience I can have more balance in the other areas of my life, i.e. financial income and expenditure, relationships, job satisfaction (professional learning and development).

A lot of people on this forum have helped me, and if you're into music/photography you might like my youtube channel too:


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