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Gorilla since completing degree

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...500ml unpasteurised lemon, 500ml unpasteurised orange....

Holy crap that amount of lemon would kill me!


And great pic updates, although you need to get some shots that are more zoomed out! Does your camera have a timer? Are you shy?


Also did you draw your avatar pic or did you just happen to find one that goes well with your name?

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If you want to do well on raw, then eat more calories from bananas/dates! Man, I would not be able to bang it on the bike if I tried to eat my calories from melons! You'd need to eat 22lbs of melons to get at least 3000cals. Dates/bananas make it easy to be a gorilla vs a starved pygmy marmoset!


Read Doug Graham's book 'Nutrition & Athletic performance'.


Get the calories in!!! You wont see any bodybuilder/athlete eating light on the calories to get stronger.


Here is Doug Graham in action from last week. He showed me the importance of eating enough fruit if you like the raw lifestyle. Otherwise you just become emaciated, binge prone, depressed and a bad example. Rice or fruit, just be sure to eat 3000cals+ a day if you want to live hard.

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Sun 20 Feb 11pm

Just recollecting where I've been, physically/mentally, and focusing on where I'm aiming to get to. Need to get back into doing some heavy squats. I'm leg-pressing more than back then so that's something


This is a shot I took of myself just before my 21st birthday last month to mark my first year of training properly with weights:




Of course my goal is to bulk up and develop some serious strength.


One strategy I plan to employ is to increase my "4-rep max" on compound exercises such as squat, deadlift and bench press, whilst maintaining perfect form.


Current weights for 4 reps:


Squat: 120kg

Deadlift 70kg,

Bench 45kg


Not amazing but improving all the time


Hey, hardcore squatting weight!


I can't help but wonder what form you use, or if you are already strong from previous sports. You'll soon be squat master if you continue to gain strength at that rate!!


I've been lucky enough to do some hardcore rowing!


You might have heard of rowers doing leg circuits to develop the power in the legs that you need.


Back squats, front squats, leg presses, split squats, lunges...


Since the beginning of this year I've been having one-to-one training sessions with a former commonwealth weightlifting champion.


He is the real master of the squat.


He's made sure that I've kept good form as I've increased the weight.


Really tensing abs, lower back, thighs, hamstrings and calves.


Keeping the weight on heels.


Head up, eyes looking forward.


Lowering slowly then as soon as the thighs are parallel to the floor UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP, squeezing abs like crazy and pushing heels into the floor to drive the weight up.


On the leg press machine I'm up to 120kg for 8 reps, 160kg for 4 reps.


Hey, that sounds like you do it right


I was just astonished by 120kg on the squat and only 45 on the bench








Hey Gorilla,


You are looking pretty awesome! You look very lean. Great abs, arms, back, and veins!


It looks like you are in great condition. How much do you weigh? Like the rest of us, you could add more mass (but I know I need to do that more than anyone, I've been shrinking as I've been working on some movie and book projects and not spending enough time in the gym!)


Overall, you are looking great, and like a lean mean shredded machine!robert

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I've been looking into Alexander Dargatz's progress. He used to post a lot here when I joined back in 2005.

He went onto posting more on the other vegan fitness forum. I found some videos and loads of photos just by googling his name:



I read that he used the PITT-Force training method where you do 15-20 1-rep sets with up to 20 seconds in between sets.

I'm going to try it with deadlifts, bench presses, squats, military presses etc.

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Hi vege, yeah for sure - as I mentioned earlier I want to burn the fat and feed the muscle and to do this I need to eat little and often, which I've been doing. I'm going to reduce the cardio slightly and make sure I hit the weights hard at least 3 times a week, focusing on deadlifts, squats, bench presses, cleans/overhead presses and rows. I've been doing the BEAR exercise as a warm-up to my squats.

I'm working 50 hours over the next week but should still be able to train 3 times - will just have to wake up and get up a bit earlier.

Woke up and got up at 12.15pm today, worked 1pm till 11pm. Ate all the food I'd prepared. Next training session on Saturday.

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Hi vege - I'm talking about the bear complex:


"The bear complex is a sequence of barbell movements that flow together in a natural progression.

The movements are (in order):

power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and another push press.

... all resting and re-gripping must be done with the barbell off the ground."


there are loads of videos of the Bear complex out there.

here's one of them - he does an extra push press before the back squat on one of reps but generally it's a good video:


All I want to do is train, focusing on these complex movements! ...


There's also the super bear complex:


His form isn't perfect on the overhead squat.

He does Romanian Deadlifts as well, which I also do ...


One last video, for overhead squats:



I just like it

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Wow. That bear complex is hard core training! How much weight do you use? That girl in the video is sexy as hell:) and the guy's phisique (the one without tattoos) is exactly what I'm aiming for, I would like to look like him one day, nothimg more, nothing less

I hope you don't mind for using your thread to get info about PITT-Force, but I suppose it could be useful info for other members, too.

I tried PITT yesterday, with biceps curls and barbell lying triceps extension. I used barbell rack to make rests between reps. that was easy. BUT, how do you do PITT bench presses, squats, military presses etc?


Lets take bench presses: do you completely lay of the barbell between reps, or do you just pause holding the barbell up? Same with squats - do you put barbell on the rack, or you just pause holding barbell on your back? What about military presses?

I would like to do PITT dumbell presses, but I don't see any other possibility besides having this special equipment? Or having two guys beside me, holding my dumbells each time when I pause between reps Any ideas? THANKS!

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hi vege - nice video

I did some bear complex today but only on light weight while I get my form back. 25kg pre-set barbell. I used to be able to do overhead press 40kg pre-set so I'm aiming to get back to that level and beyond! I was in the gym today with a massive guy who was overhead-pressing 65kg. Although if you look at this video, Mariusz presses 159kg, 350 pounds, on the final set:


I'm also going to be building in some negative/eccentric training into my routine:


I'm lucky to have a Smith Machine at my gym, which enables me to do negative barbell presses and squats.


I can use the Smith Machine for PITT-Force barbell bench presses and squats as well.

I see what you mean about PITT-Force dumbbell presses - I don't have the chains like in the video that you posted. I would say just sit up and put the DB's down while you re-charge for a few seconds then go again. I noticed that in the video he doesn't pause for very long to start with but then his pauses get longer.

For barbell military presses I would do a rep with the most weight you can, rack the barbell while you re-charge your shoulders, then do your next rep etc. Same for squats and BB bench press - re-rack then go again.


The girl in the video is very nice - one of the best female physiques I've seen.


Imo Dargatz is the most aesthetic vegan bodybuilder; even more than Robert - no offence.

Yes - they're both good. Dargatz achieved one of the best physiques period - he competed and won against non-vegans.

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