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Don't waste your time with men, most of us suck.


You're really hammering the legs after that contest huh?


I'm beginning to get that!


Yes, I have a trainer on the west coast who set it up. He's done well in the heavy weights ..... BBing comp. And has taken a special interest in me for some reason.


Don't waste your time with men, most of us suck.


You're really hammering the legs after that contest huh?


Hey leave me out of this I dont suck. I m a great guy


anyways ....I miss you too , siren. ....


OK, warped sense of humour ..... just like mine! I'm in luv



Ok it goes on .... The Player is still stunned and has texted me a few times today .... trying to get out of the whole thing. I think his ego just took a hit .... poor baby.


Guy #1 who made the stupid statement has been contacting me all week. We had a conversation about it and he says that that wasn't it at all! The yes, it's hard to totally understand but he felt like I was not looking for a permanent relationship. In other words if we continue to date he wants to date exclusively (at least I think that is what he meant, it was all so confusing). Which is a mis-understanding on his part since If I go out with him several times and we enjoy each others company, I'm OK with the exclusive thing, because at that point you get really "involved" and you are much better off with one partner, who you enjoy spending time with. So had two more offers today, one from Guy #1 to go out on the boat and watch the sunset and one from a new one, I had been speaking with for sometime for dinner ..... after much debate, I'm gonna give guy #1 another chance. After the "player" incident perhaps it's refreshing to know I've got one getting attached.


So .... off to watch the sunset. Let's hope I do not get sick! Did I mention I suffer from vertigo???


If I do and he holds my hair .... he is SO in! rofl Any guy who would offer to hold your hair back when your sick is OK in my book (yes, I have a wicked and warped sense of humour!).

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Evening went well which actually surprises me given my tendency to find trouble.


The sunset was gorgeous and I had no problems on the boat! Funny all I could think about was jumping IN that water. I wanted to be in it so badly. Perhaps I am finally over the vertigo and motion sickness thing. My body seems to go in cycles constantly on allergies and such. Perhaps the way I am training and dieting is agreeing with getting out on the water again ...... wouldn't that be


Guy #1 is very "odd" but in a charming way. Quite witty with an odd sense of humor. Not the norm at all, quite enjoyable. Had several rum and Diets, so did not drive home. But at the point I had another I already knew I was staying or would not have done so..... get this for odd again, he slept in a separate room. He was up early.... a morning person ..... and one of those cheery morning people too, which I am NOT, so I was up and home early. Last night out I suppose for a long long time. My ex is moving to TX and that was the last weekend (well 1/2 a day and one night) he spent with the girls.


Shoulders and Triceps later today. It's a Holiday here and I wanted to beach it, but looks like I have one daughter who isn't feeling well so will prob stay home. Will grill tonight though and fit in a grocery run. Have one starting school tomorrow ..... which means I have to actually get up early The other 2 still trying to get registered. But the schools don't make it easy. So I'll be adjusting to new sleep patterns for the next few weeks, oh joy!

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Now we can't have a great night like that and then not have an incident now can we? God must of been napping for my evening, but he woke up this morning and came after me again. Came home to youngest not feeling well stomach ache and slight fever ..... this of course since school starts tomorrow. So I figured oh well there goes my last beach day. Anyway decided to take a short nap and plan to stay in..... now we can't have that can we. Phone rings my son had a bad fall at the skate park so off to the hospital we go! I took a peak at it and said "nah torn ligament" (I've seen enough of them). Sure enough x-rays came out clean he tore the ligament gets a wrap, crutches and drugs.


By now daughter is feeling better so we decide to beach it for the day after all. Getting ready to grill, but I am totally wiped for WO so thinking of pushing it back to tomorrow. Where I only have daughter's first day of school, other daughters registration, work after a 3-day holiday, and a B-Day Party the girls have to be at by 5PM ..... see much easier day.

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After reading my own post I realized there is too much room for stuff to go wrong tomorrow to lift. So going my philosophy of any wo is better then none. I did not motivate to actual get changed but did my routine anyway (while food was grilling and cooking):


Crunches (slight movements)100-30-30

Bench Leg raises 30-20-20


Lower Back

Lower Back Ext (slight movements) 30-30-30



Seated Dumbbell Press Warm-up 12x12x1, 6x15x3 (lighter than last week. But I was really tired. No way I could pull off the 20lbs today).

Lateral Raises 10x15x2




Skull Crushers Warm-up 12x15, 6x35x3

Tricep Rope Push Downs Warm-up 12x50x1, 6x52.5x3


OK here you go, tired, wind blown, sandy and tanning oil .... threw a skirt on for modesty's sake (since we all know how modest I am):


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And it continues ..... Large sums of money missing from business and bills that MUST be paid. I was so bad off yesterday after reviewing the books that there was no wo. I put in overtime at work, still trying to get caught up. Will have to take a second job until I am caught up. So what does someone who needs fast cash do legally? .... yeah you prob have it figured out. But I see no choice at this time.


So youngest daughters first day of school goes well. She is way above the class academically so I think she will thrive. FINALLY got daughter #2 registered yesterday. Ran back to work finished what I could ran kids home for neighbors B-Day Party. Came back to work, went home reviewed her homework, prepared daughter #2 for school next day. And eventually fell into bed.


Today FINALLY registered daughter #3 in the high school. She's fine but I get a call from daughter #2 in hysteria, come pick me up!!!! Guidance asked me to come in. So I told them I would as soon as I was finished with daughter #3. Apparently it was all I could take (remember I don't get nervous or cry. mad etc.) and I began another episode, hands stopped working side started to numb speech started to slurr.... I got my meds (took a double dose actually) in me as quickly as possible but was thinking this is great they are going to haul me off in an ambulance from the school ...... poor daughter #3. I took about an hour but subsided.


Anyway we could NOT get her calmed down and ended up bringing her home. Although some of it was academic (she is behind) most of it was social anxiety. She has always been in Cheer leading, soccer, residential kid's bashes etc. I don't get it! She has the option to move down a grade (which I tried to get her to do originally) because she has a late birthday and would fit in just fine. She's also small for her age, so there would never be a question from the kid's. Anyway, just have to figure it all out.


Anyway def. cancelling the comp this weekend, way too much going on and now I'll have to work anyway.


Going to try to get to wo today back and biceps. (I missed cardio yesterday .... but since no comp. it's no biggie, I am prob. underweight right now anyway).

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Do you know who took the money?


Were looking for where it went right now. I am hoping it was some kind of banking error such as a vendor double billing me or something. But right now in order to pay my vendors (they like getting paid or they don't ship me product), I have to go without an income for prob 2-3 months, just to get the books back in black. My household expenses are around $4500 -$5000 per month, so I have to work nights to pay my household expenses since there will be no income for some time. I have to keep the lights on and buy groceries for the kids, etc ..... I can cut back in a few areas but most of the monthly expenses I am totally locked into.


The good news is I won't have to incorporate cardio in my routines anymore

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Dumb bell bicep curls: 15x15, 8x 15 x3

Dumb bell pull overs (on bench) 15 x 50

Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 15 x 40, 8 x 50 x 3

Bent Over Rows 15 x 40, 60 x8 x 2

Cable Pulls (rear delts) 30 x 30 each side

Seated Rows 30 x 40




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It amazes me how you can still train with all these stresses in your life.


You're awesome keep it up!





Daughter #2 has been vomiting since she left yesterday and is still this morning. This is stress/ worry vomiting I recognize it because I was always as bad off as her. Coming from a military family I was always changing schools and hated it. Now how the heck am I supposed to get her registered?


As agreed, as per being too skinny ..... no workout today. So we'll call it "recovery day". That is unless I get my new schedule and have to work Friday night, then I'll have to push leg day to today.

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Amazing huh? ..... I have found it truely amazing how much I have been able to handle!


Still training but no time to post. I am featuring all week at the Gentleman's Club so I work one job and go to the next and basically get hours of straight cardio. Because I am the Headliner/Feature My sets are 20-25, so I am pretty exhausted by nights end!


My feature ends on Sunday night .... after that I'll prob just want to sleep forever, lol

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Thanks guys! Full on training resumes tonight!


Yes, still hanging in, and still training .... just not much time to post lol


Totally spent from featuring all week, could sleep for days. This week is test shoots for some serious mag coverage ...... wish me luck. total ribbage (from 6-7 hours of cardio 6 days in a row)..... I need cheat food ... refeed food isn't working, lol


Dressing Room just before bachelor party "hot seat" (taken via cell phone)



I took this really bad "myspace" type pic to send to a friend. Funny thing was, when I saw it larger screen, I realized how much my legs are finally coming along (even though the night stick is covering my thigh a bit you can kinda see as well as the calf def). The new workout topped with 6 days of straight cardio burn, must of done something! I'm not even "pumped up"..... haven't seen a photo in a while so it was a nice comparison to the last time I shot anything.


Oh yes, the cheesy "Reno 911" cop glasses came off as soon as I hit the stage after the police sirens went off and "bad boys" started to play, lol (or I couldn't see and would bust my butt):



I'll have "real" wo photos this week. Major cheat food last eve ... I think my body was shocked to have eaten "junk" food (hope it doesn't make me sick, lol)


Have another feature coming up in Oct. And looks like I'll be doing 2 comps that month as well.

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