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the you & your vbb&f - shirt thread


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I've actually been wanting to start a thread like this because I've seen people all over the world wearing these shirts either on vacation or where they live.


Thanks for starting the thread and posting pics!



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Thanks for asking about the tank tops.....


I have them. I'll try to find a photo, but I do have them for sure.


I think most of them are white with royal blue text. I have a bunch of Vegan Fitness Team stuff......I'm just too lazy to get it online. I sell them at festivals and trade shows, etc.


Check out some of this stuff:


Notice the Yoga Pants, the girly shirt, the visor, the t-shirt. Ask some of the Portland people......my closet is full! And the basement is filling up too. It's about time I get some of this stuff online and available to you!



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Nice! I remember those pics! I know it's hard to read the white on pink but it looks like Vegan Fitness Team to me!


There are other children photos too. Check out my friend's son:


He's thinking:


"Wow, Robert.......you're muscles are really big! When I'm a grown up I want to be just like you!





Other random pics I've seen lately:














Please keep sharing the photos! They are fun to see!

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Hey Mannherz!

This is a sweet idea! Here are some older pice from me and Marla!








Sweet girl! She ´s groing an groing

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Here are a few more I found around the forum. There are many more too!:























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Richard...with a mask on you really look like a lot like Ed...very very weird(not saying you look weird Ed)


Thanks for posting this Ed...I was too lazy to do it myself

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Awesome! That shirt may have traveled the farthest away from home I'd have to look at a map to be sure.


Thanks for sharing, good stuff man. I'm sure you'll pick up a couple more this summer.










yep.. the shirt is everywhere.. ...

except here.. but don't worry... as soon as i get in a decent shape i'll buy it for myself as a ''reward''...

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Nice! It matches your top too. (I think. I don't know a lot about matching, but it looks great!).


Cool, thanks for posting. I just ordered a bunch of fun clothing items! Lots of new styles, phrases, colors, etc.


I'll post them on the forum, since many are not bulk items, but just unique ones.


This is a fun thread. I like seeing so many people actively sporting our clothing items. It is appreciated very much.

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Nice! It matches your top too. (I think. I don't know a lot about matching, but it looks great!).


Yeah the colour's a pretty close match. You done good robert!


I for one look forward to seeing the new clothes.

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