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the you & your vbb&f - shirt thread


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An old one form VV last year, but its great because I'm pulling an attitude :



Aw, good times *sighs with the memory*


I need to go out and get some updated pics in my VBB shirts!

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Man.....you are shredded! Great photo! I really want to see more! I know quite a few people have talked to me about how impressed they are by your physique. Awesome to see the t-shirt photo!


Thanks man. You look like you are in fantastic shape!

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You are probably in the top 5 as far as individuals owning the most shirts. I don't count. I know flanders has about 13 of them in different varieties and styles! Liz probably has nearly 10, Topher had 7 at one point, and potter is up between 5-10 now.


We've got the shirts on people's bodies in more than 20 countries and I have personally shipped out hundreds of them. It's cool to see people supporting this idea and concept.

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Great thread! I (bow my head in shame) don't have a shirt yet....so I can not post a photo of me wearing one.....

I think I have a photo somewhere of my daughter wearing hers though, I will try to find and post it!


You don't have one yet??????? I'll bring one by. For some reason I thought you had one. The "President' has a great one! I'll hook you up soon. Anytime.

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I got my new shirt in the mail today! Here is me in a few different poses (including with glasses for potter and their other fans).







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