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Can anyone read this?


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Hi-hi-hi, my cute buddies!


I translated the article.


Vegan Athletes

A veggie body – building DVD will be marketed in October, in Oregon. The movie is a mixture of a documentary and a reality show – presenting a week in he life of 3 vegan sportsmen.

Robert Cheeke is a professional bodybuilder and a vegan, he doesn’t consume any animal products (fur and leather included).

Brendan Brazier, member of the group is a professional athlete and triatlonist, and the third person is none other but Tonya Kay – dancer, and member of the very popular dance –group „STOMP”, she’s known for using vegetable oil in her car – instead of gas.

This will be the very first project all around the world. Mr. Cheeke has been campaigning for vegan lifestyle on his own homepage, and it’s benefits in body building. There was such an interest, that he finally decided to shoot a movie about the topic.

The everydays and nutrition plans will be shown of the above guys – the „Vegan Fitness Group” , as they call themselves even moved in together for that time. We can „spy on them” what they are cooking, what clothes they have in their wardrobe. The camera follows them during shopping, and shows how their prepare themselves for competitions.

Mr. Cheeke thinks, that at first place veggies will be keen on the video, (who want to be better sportsmen), but sportsmen who are interested in veganism will also be content with it.


The above quote "hogy Cheeke úgy döntött" is part of the sentence:

"that he finally decided "


Am I cool, or what?!



Hugs and kisses


*naughty mooded me*






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Awesome! Thanks!


I'm actually not a professional bodybuilder although that gets printed quite a bit. I'm still an amateur and maybe someday I can turn pro in the Natural Ranks, but probably not for some time.


Thanks for the translation, that looks good! It's cool to see the articles and write ups appear in lots of languages online


You rock!

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I just trained my biceps tonight! I also trained chest, back and triceps a little.


Only 3 days until my contest so of course I'm training because I am:\


"hogy Cheeke úgy"



I do have some fast answers on the forum since I spend a lot of time in front of a computer.


Thanks again, I was lost in translation.

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