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Strongest boy in the world


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His father was actually thrown in prison. He treated his mother like crap and drugged his son. Now he's doing well. He's done a few movie pilots(Little Hercules) and comercials since. His new manager is great. He actually fronted a lot of cash to him and his mother and said he wanted him to sit on his butt for a year and just be a kid. That whole time he still wanted to train though since it was so embedded in his brain so now he's training again but without any supplements at all. He's much stronger than he was before but his power to weight ratio dropped a bit but he's still probably the strongest person on earth pound for pound.

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On a positive note! He will probably never become a 400 lb obese kid from eating doritos and playing video games all day long!


I think the parents whose kids are obese should be thrown in jail from feeding their children cancer causing food in their childhood years!


He has some great work ethic and discipline!


I thought the Greg Vallantino video was great!! He was a man about everything and said it like it was. He was not on there trying to make excuses or anything and he made a great video to show young one about the effects of steroid use!


Thanks for posting these!

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