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About eating often I feel Like I'm a "bottomless pit." I have Always been a big eater most the time I stop eating because I feel guilty about how many grocery's I have put away. Hardly ever stop when I'm full. About five years ago this problem aid me getting to 330lbs of flabby nineteen year old boy(Not Vegan). Sad but true state! the day that I realized this I started doing something about it. Started Reading Labels and walking and lost 100 pounds before I was 21. I went vegan around that time also the lowest weight that I reached was 200lbs. It took a lot of hard work to get there. I starved myself walked every where but pretty much starved myself. Then I had a good handle on my daily cals I would usually eat under 2000 cals a day.


Now, hahah Its the same old kid eating like a horse and mainly its me eat huge at one sitting some days are better then others but either way its a ton. the good part is I exercise more 5-6 hard hours a week its been that way for almost 4 months! which is a record for me. 4 months ago I tipped the scale heavy at 240 then I lost 20lbs (exercise, raw food, and a juice fast). Stopped eating raw because I can't afford it with the way I eat. right now my food budget is about 20 bucks a week


what I know is not changing is me eating massive amounts of food(+3000cals.) I'm still a fatty and I need to lose more weight. My goal is about 5 pounds and inches a month. Could I do this eating the calories that I do? maybe a split day work out, tons of cardio, just working out more in general? basically eat like I'm bulking but still lose some? I'm sure its possible? knowledge from people that have been there would be great?

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Oatmeal in the morning

or cold cereal or leftovers


lunch is last nights leftovers example: 2 cups rice, Potato curry that I make


Maybe 2 hours later PB&J and some Ramen


2 hours after eat seitan/homemade tofurkey a portion about 8-10oz or more

maybe some more oatmeal? 2 or 3 bananas


I work out about 11:00pm


Eat largest amount after 2 seitan sandwich's w/vegenaise, more oatmeal, could be spaghetti, tacos, whatever large amount of food is

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Seems like your diet is based way too much on grains and starchy foods...That will make you gain weight for sure...Try to include more fruits/vegetables. Most vegetables are inexpensive, and some fruits such as apples and bananas can be as well.

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yea, stuff already know


apples on sale are $.99 cents a pound usually $1.99lb

bananas are $.59 a pound I eat about 3-4 a day

broccoli is $1.19 a pound usually on sale at the cheapest $.59

a bunch is usually 2-3pounds I usually it 2-3 pounds of it at a time.

Cauliflower is about the same per pound but each head weights 3 pounds.

Carrots are cheap $.99 a pound

good green lettuce $1.99 a bunch


the biggest problem is i never feel satisfied eating veggies. I love the taste of them but it seems I'm eating 5-6 pounds of them at each meal? I really do eat a lot of veggies though I gave an examples of a bad day. Its true but eat the most fruit when there in season. If I could afford it I would eat raw food until I die, but I can't afford it. I guess veggies are inexpensive but its the fact that I eat 3x to 4x more mass of that food!


which brings me to the next thing. why, would I crave starchy carbs so much. I think that If I could eat raw for a year I would certainly not crave what "starch" gives my brain?

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I think that if you crave starchy food that it is ok as long as you're eating things like oatmeal, brown rice...whole grains, potatoes, yams...as opposed to white rice, white bread, etc.. I find that if I work in a salad or some sort of vegetable focus into the meal, than I am not as hungry later. Also, eating small portions throughout the day is a good thing, especially if you are highly active. I have certain days as well that I can eat a ton of food. I find that drinking smoothies helps to solve some of my problems without adding a bunch of weight. Try making a smoothie with peanut butter, banana, and soy milk....maybe some flax oil in there too. This might make you feel more satisfied and not hungry for a while.


*I am also on a budget and spend around $20-$30 on food per week. Natural peanut butter from Trader Joes is my savior. It costs about $1.50 a jar and I eat it with celery, apples, sprouted wheat bread, smoothies and it helps me feel full.

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the biggest problem is i never feel satisfied eating veggies. I love the taste of them but it seems I'm eating 5-6 pounds of them at each meal?


Have you looked into the leafy greens? Spinach and kale can be somewhat satisfying (especially if you blend them in a smoothie), and can really help curb your appetite. Otherwise, if you want the starches, eat them, but just balance it out with cardio.

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