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C1's (Still Developing) Vegan Bodybuilding Journal

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Hello all. My routine tends to stay pretty much the same from week to week (I switched to a routine that was more reflective of the one here about a month ago). I realize that muscle confusion is important and I'll have to mix it up a bit at some point.


Basically it is Monday - Biceps, Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs, Wednesday - Triceps, Thursday - Chest and Legs, and Friday - Abs & Back.


On the weekend I usually do a couple hours of biking (+ a long walk/run with the dogs -- I have 3 Goldens -- but, to be truthful it is more of the walking, no so much of the running).


Today I did 1 superset (3 sets each) of Dumbbell Curls/Concentration Curls (1X12, 1X10, 1X8 for both), and 3 sets of Hammer Curls. I wanted to do 2 -3 sets of Gorilla Curls, but I ran out of time.


So there ya have it.



Oh yeah, and this is not a picture of me posing (I don't have one of those), but it is a picture of me (to be truthful, I don't always wear a suit, this was at my company's holiday party last December).




ETA: Oh yeah, and at some point I'd like to have arms like this guy (Chicago Bulls' Ben Gordon):



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(I try to take as little rest between these as possible and sometimes "package" two of them together as a superset)


3 sets Bicycle Crunches

3 sets Raised Leg Crunches

3 sets Arms-Overhead Crunches

2 sets Weighted Crunches


3 sets of DumbBell Side Bends (for my Obliques)




(The first two sets of these are done as a superset)

3 sets Arnold Presses


2 sets Standing Lat Raises (I only do 2 sets of these right now because I hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago -- can't tell if it's posterior or anterior delt, kind of feels like both -- and am taking it easy on it until it heals)


3 sets DumbBell Front Raises


3 sets Upright Rows


2 sets DumbBell Raises



Food (so far):

Bowl of Heritage Bites cereal with Light Soymilk


Clif Z Bar


Should be having a salad for lunch soon and a Builder's Bar for my afternoon snack/meal

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So I ended up eating 1 and a 1/2 Chocolate Mint Builder's Bars yesterday. You know what they say about Builder's Bars, "Once you pop you can't stop." (Okay, so that might have been Pringles, but let's not get technical)


This morning I did:





5 sets bench dips

5 sets Triceps Extensions


DumbBell Kickbacks

3 Sets


Lying One-Arm Triceps Extensions

2 sets



It's sort of my lighter Wednesday Morning workout sandwiched between a heavier Tuesday and Thursday workout. Tomorrow is Chest and Legs.

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OMG CHELSEA ????????


I'm a big Man Utd fan so we may have some trashtalking ahead of us


good luck with the workouts!!



I'm actually both a Chelsea fan and a Liverpool fan (if you can imagine that), so the next week is not easy for me. Your boys did well yesterday against Milan. We'll see what happens next week.


Oh, and thanks (re: the workouts).

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Today was my Thursday Chest and Legs extravaganza at the company health club.




3 sets - 10 plyometric "clap" push-ups



Machine Incline Bench Press - 3 Sets

Cable Crossovers - 3 Sets


DumbBell Bench Press - 5 Sets


Incline DumbBell Bench Press - 3 Sets




DumbBell Squats - 2 Sets


DumbBell Lunges - 2 Sets


Machine Leg Presses - 3 sets



I was pretty wiped out after my chest stuff, so I didn't do as much with the legs.


And I have to admit, Lunges always kick my ass. But it was particularly the case today.

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Well, I had to get in to work early on Friday so I only had time to get my ab routine in. It was better than nothing, though.


This past weekend was the NFL Draft, so I sat around a lot. I still can't quite figure out why I enjoy watching people's names get called for two days, but why ask why? The good part is that I got to lounge around and relax with the dogs chilling out around me.



Only had time for a quick 1 hour bike ride.


Don't remember what I ate, I think I had a salad for lunch, sushi for dinner, and maybe a Builder's Bar for my afternoon snack.




Started the day with a 2-hour bike ride, then took the dogs on a 45 minute walk/jog. The rest of the day was Day 2 of the draft.


It was a good weekend.



Pretty much the same as usual. Biceps.


Superset of DumbBell Curls and Concentration Curls, but I bumped up the weight another 5 pounds on my CC's. Also, Hammer Curls.


Wanted to do Zottman Curls, but didn't have time.


It'd be nice to find more Biceps exercises.......




Ab Routine





Arnold Presses - 4 sets of 12

Upright Rows - 3 sets of 12 (okay, so I only technically did 3 supersets, with an added set of Arnolds)



Side Raises 2 sets of 12

One Arm Lateral Raises 2 sets of 12


Front Raises 2 sets of 12


(I wanted to do more, particularly of my second superset, but I ran out of time)

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Oy. I can't believe I haven't updated this for a week.


No new changes to the routine. Monday was biceps, Tuesday Abs and Shoulders, yesterday Tri's, and today Chest and Legs. Maybe next month I'll switch days and mix it up a little.


As far as food, I'm still doing my plan of less carbs as the day goes on. I'll eat cereal and a z bar in the morning (sometimes with a post-workout protein shake) and do more salads and proteins as the day goes on.


Tangential to that, I have found a recent appreciation for my grill. Particularly for the Tofurky Kielbasa! Which is quite tasty grilled and with some Giardinera on top.

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