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Aloha Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Forum!


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Just starting out with lifting, at home with dumbbells. Worked out before a few years backs at Gold's Gym. Now i'm moved to Philly and has a little more space, so gonna attempt home 'workouts.


Been vegan for nearly 2 years and on and off vegetarian for about 5-7 years prior. Became vegan for love of delicious food and the enviroment. Though i support the anti-cruelty against animals, i'm not a animal lover.


I checked out this forum a few times over the past months and wanting to support and give happiness!

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Welcome to the forum! I think we have a number of people on here from your city as well and I know a bunch of people are from PA.


Thanks for saying hi and we look forward to hearing more from you. Enjoy the forum and welcome aboard!

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