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Photos from my April 28th Bodybuilding Contest


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I have over 600 photos and it's very late at night and I'm tired so I'll just share a few with those who are excited to see how it went. Thanks to Lilikoi for all the photos!!!!


I ended up in 2nd place in all 3 categories I was in.


Here are just a few random ones and in the near future I'll have a proper recap and more photos.


The first few are from my Individual posing routine.....yes, that is me behind the mask



























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Thanks. I told you guys I'm back.....and I've only been "back" into bodybuilding since my trip to L.A. I haven't been this serious about it since 2001 so it feels good. After just a few months of dedication I made some good progress. I still have lots of weak spots, look bad in lot of photos and certain poses, but I feel like some current photos from yesterday and from the past few weeks may be my best ever.


Like I said, I got over 600 from this event from at least 3 people, but mainly Lilikoi who was hired for the day to take photos (thanks to those who supported my contest financially so I could afford a photographer). I haven't even gone through them all, I've been hanging out with loveliberate and Lotus all morning but I'll get more posted soon


Thanks again for the kind words. I really wanted to place 1st and most thought I was going to come in 1st but I came in 2nd in every category and I know what I have to work on to improve for future contests.


More photos to come.......

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It looks like you had tough some tough competition! All of your pictures show excellent definition, muscle separation and vascularity. I think you are going to go far in the next show(s) because you already posses these things and have excellent symmetry.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.


Potter....I'm glad you noticed the BACK improvement. For years I've been teased a bit for lack of lats and that they were my biggest weakness. I knew they were bad and I focused on making them better. It was tough with all of my back injury problems but I've been able to improve the area. Hamstrings were also a weakness and I've turned them into a strength at times. Abdominals are my current major weakness and I hope I can turn that into a strength soon too.


As for everything else, I'm missing size and thickness in a major way. I hope to compete 2 or maybe 3 more times this year and then take everyone's advice and take at least a year off from competing to add some serious size. I need to take a long-term approach and just stay away from the stage for a bit to get bigger.


The show ended about 24 hours ago and since then I've had 1/2 a large pizza from Kalga Kafe, 2 large burritos from La Bonita, a vegan burger fries and milkshake from Pirate's Tavern, a bunch of fruit, and some pastries and cookies


I'm very sore. Some muscles hurt but it's all good. I went for a walk today, had lunch with my sister and brother in law, hung out with loveliberate and lotus and hung out with davidtarrfoster tonight.


I'll get more photos up soon.

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Here are more random pics from my contest day:





























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I think I was about 175lbs. Not very heavy and not nearly as big as I'd like to be. I just have to keep eating, training and sleeping and stay dedicated and motivated and I'll grow.


I'm too thin thin !!!!!



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Superb - well done for the competition!

You look really muscular in the pics with the tank top and jeans.

I reckon they might be some of your best ever shots!

Good work all round





Intrigued by this photo ...

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Thanks again everyone. I think some of these photos are some of my best "photos" but I think I've been in better shape a couple other times. So there is still a mountain to climb to get back to where I've been.


This photo is one of my best recently as far as muscles (not funny face)






Gorilla, in that photo you posted, we're lined up according to height (I was the tallest in the entire show!!!). I decided to flex the forearm for the camera. You can see most guys look tired. I was having fun joking around and jumping around, making people laugh, etc. I was full of energy and had a bunch of friends watching so it was cool. I'll try to get more photos posted soon.


Thanks again for the feedback everyone.


I know I have many weaknesses and I'm working on improving my entire physique. I was about 1 point away from taking 1st place and if my abs had been a bit better I would have won, no question about it. There are other areas I need to work on too. Time to return to the gym today. Yesterday I was just too sore to train.

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