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veganfitnessweek 2007


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sorry for posthing this on this section, i choose this because it's the bigest veganfitness event in europe


the week will be in august start 13th


location close to amsterdam (the netherlands = holland)



lifthing, running, boksing, circuit training,..... much more


cost for the week €150


incl sleeping food and activity's


hope to see some off you!!!


sign up at the following link




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nice! Awesome stuff.


I won't make it out this year, but in the future for sure. I'm making great friends in Europe and making more money with DVD and t-shirt sales, website advertising, etc. and maybe next year I can afford the trip!


We'll be at the Bristol Vegan Fayre....not me, but VB&F will have a stall there. I already sent a bunch of stuff to Pete, so it should be cool to have our things there.


Thanks for the updates, have a great time with everyone and great work for being one of the main organizers!

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