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Donated CD's, Records, Zines, Etc.


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This guy is a member of our forum so I thought I'd pass this along. Somehting I received in an e-mail:





About what I do:

I simply provide a service to sell donated CD's, Records, Zines, Etc. which in turn I donate all proceeds after postage to charities. I started this as an auction in January of 2006 and have decided to do it as more of a mail order list/distribution type set-up. No, I don't buy stuff or trade as it's all charity and all donated. Since the start in January 2006

$545.00 has been raised and donated. I'm always glad to answer any questions so get in touch. This is all done by word of mouth so tell your friends. Thanks for your support. Steve



The Acrostix- A chain of hatred- LP $20.00 ( limited clear vinyl version with wall hanging limited to 60 copies. Intense japanese crust punk)


Agathocles- Humarrogance- CD $7.00


Agathocles- Mincecore History 1985-1990- CD $7.00


Agathocles-Agarchy-Use your anger- CD $7.00 (Grinding mincecore from this long going belgium act)


Anarchus/CSSO-Split CD $8.00 ( Japanese import of hyper speed Mexican grinders Anarchus and Japanese very twisted grind rockers CSSO)


Landfill-Assassins- CD ( For fans of dark electronic industrial like Skinny Puppy, Godflesh,Wumpscut,etc. some metallic and punk leanings on tracks. Professionally packaged. $4.00


Machine That Flashes-Luciferin-CD $7.00 (Like a mix of Neurosis 'Pain/Word' era meets enemymine or godheadsilo)


Machine That Flashes-Double CD $9.00 (A double dose of this incredible Portland powerhouse)


Malcontent-1-CD $7.00 (Similar to 'Word as law' era Neurosis from Portland area. Very good)


Reality Crisis- Open the door and into the new chaotic world- LP $10.00 ( U.S. Press of now out of print LP. Discharge influenced japanese hardcore with lyrics in english)


SMP-Terminal- CD $8.00 (Seattle industrial electronic cyber punkers. Great band especially live)


SMP-Ultimatum-CD $8.00


SMP-Hacked-CD $8.00


2000 Dirty Squatters-Crowzone- CD (2000ds has been kicking since the 80's delivering their unique brand of dusty crusty dub metal thrash punk. here come the freaks!! $8.00


V/A-Scrap Punk Compilation-CD (with broken, disorder, conflict, 2000ds, missing teeth, landfill, and many more international acts) $7.00


LungLance-CD-R $3.00 (Cyber doom grind with screaming vocals nice color package)


Attentat Sonore- 1905 Barricades-7" $4.00 (French street punk/oi with color sleeve/insert)


Scarred for Life- Is this the price of freedom?-7" $4.00 (California d-beat/scandinavian stylings)


Seuchenherd- 2nd edition-7" $4.00 (German speed assault like Disrupt and Dropdead)


Trioxin 245-The Experiment- CD $7.00 (raw power rock 'n' roll dis assault from these canucks!)


V/A-Solidarity Compilation CD$8.00 (comes with a large booklet/jacket this was a benefit for ABC NO RIO which they generously donated two copies. features bands like: Boiling Man, Foundation, Wardance Orange, Defiance, Devoid Of Faith, As One, No Contest, Distraught, Aus Rotten, and more 36 bands in all.


Back 2 Front #1 $2.00 (UK zine with Psycho Faction, Subhumans, Lost Cherres,essays, rants and articles with a modern libertine feel. Nicely done.)


Barefoot and in the kitchen#1 $1.50 (Lots of vegan recipes)


Blah-Blah-Blood zine #2 $3.00 (w/ Jason Flower, hero Dishonest, Wheel of Dharma, Marschak, and more)


Born twenty years too late-#5 $2.00 (w/ Onslaught, Alternate System, Effigy and more) #6 $2.00 (w/ Forca Macabra, After The Bombs, Aghast, Varukers, Deathcharge, and more)


The Cheap Vegan#5 $1.00





#18-$1.00 (Vegan recipes and tips on being a vegan on a tight budget. Very cool information in these zines)



Defiance Of Gothic Nirvana X- #15 $1.50 (w/Agathocles, Machetazo, Harkonin, reviews and much more on newsprint style)


Energy Dome#2 $2.00 (w/ Capitol Punishment, JFA, The Haters, and many articles)


Evil Ninja Theives #1 $1.00 (St.Peter ghidora, Luta Armada, and more in this cool little U.K.zine)


Incoherence-#1 $1.00 (Th'Inbred, Reviews, etc.)


Krazy Katlady Cookbook Vol.1 $1.25 (Very cool little vegan cookbook)

Vol.2 $1.50 (More easy vegan recipes)


Please Don't Feed The Bears #1 $3.00


#3 $3.00 ( Good sized vegan cookzine. A few articles and music recomendations thrown in. nicely done)


The Rabbit Fodder #1-$1.00

#3-$1.00 (Vegan Recipes!!!)


Soy not Oi Book $6.00 ( nicely put together book of vegan recipes, advice, stories on why the submitters went veg,etc. The first Vegan cookbook I ever saw)


Total Destruction#2 $2.00 (A straight edge fanzine against the ruling social order. Good Peter Young interview)


Agitate #6 $1.50 ( W/ Ruin, Extinction of Mankind and more)


Vegan On A Shoestring Book $7.00 (Informative book on veganism and loads of recipes. Nicely put together)



Warning Zine #1$3.00 (Blood Spit nights, Discharge, Wretched and more)

#2 $3.00 (w/ Crucifix, Reality Crisis, Hellshock,etc.)

#3 $3.00 ( w/ Deathcharge, Aghast, Broken Bones, mishap, etc.)

#4 $3.00 (w/ Effigy, Zyanose, Acrostix, Persevere, Germ Attak and more)


What We Have #2 $3.00 (w/ Die Young, Set My Path, Scott Crouse, Purified In Blood, This Time Tomorrow and more.)


Lebenden Toten Japan 2006 tour shirt large $15.00 (red ink on black shirt double sided and rare)




I also carry New Eden Records titles. New Eden Records is a California based label which the bands are vegan straight edge and have a message leaning towards Animal, Humyn, and Earth liberation. These releases don't support the benefit, but you'll be supporting a great label that supports the cause.New Eden Titles available are:


Alguna Vez Fui Ciejo- Abriendo Los Ojos A La Realidad-CD $7.00 (Chaotic vegan straightedge metal-core from Monterrey, Mexico. Influenced by such bands as Converge, & Angels 7 Plagues, and Undying. All songs are in Spanish dialect with English translations and explanations.)


Extinguish-Downfall Of Civilization- 7" $4.00 (Direct from Italy comes this militant vegan straight edge band, featuring former members of Reprisal, and Memories Of Apocalypse. Limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl.)


Eye Of Judgement-The New Crusade- CD $10.00 (The debut full-length release from the Netherlands' Eye Of Judgement. Abrasive-misanthropic hardcore with tinges of old-school trash metal thrown in for good measure, guitar parts which will discourage you from ever picking up a guitar again, and militant straight edge vegan lyrics that tie everything together.)


Gather- Total Liberation- CD $6.00


Gather- Total Liberation- 7" $5.00 ( The Debut release from this Bay area vegan straight edge quartet, produced and recorded by Scott Crouse from Earth Crisis. Five solid tracks of mid-90's style hardcore in the vein of Harvest, Earth Crisis, Culture, and One King Down...laid down with female vocals. Scott also makes a guest appearance on guitar.


Inhumane Nature-7" $4.00 (This is the debut release from New Eden Records. Hailing from Southern California, this vegan straight edge/political anarcho-punk band delivers four solid tracks, including a cover of 'Mary And Child" by Born Against. If you like bands such as Filth, Econochrist, and early Neurosis, you'll dig this emotionally driven and eclectic release.)


Justice Department- Daily Massacre- CD $10.00 (With one hand dipped in the political punk/hardcore upbringing and one drenched in the blood of their old-school death metal influences, Justice Department creates an inter-genre experience that appeals equally to fans of metal, crust, political punk, thrash and vegan straight edge hardcore alike. Focusing on the plight of the animals that are tortured and butchered for the convenience of our daily lives, Justice Department's debut New Eden release "Daily Massacre" is a bloodstained tale of torment set to the score of death-metal infused hardcore with the vicious bite of crust laden punk. This release contains tracks from the long out-of-print "behind The Slaughterhose Walls" and "Dehumanization" albums.)


Naj One- Foeknawledge: Destroy Babylon- CD $10.00 (This is the long awaited full-length release from Salt Lake City's militant vegan straight edge MC... Naj One (formally known as Foeknawledge). Crank this 12-track hip-hop joint up and Destroy Babylon. Features a track with Cherem that is so heavy, it will break concrete. Protect your neck!)


Nueva Etica -Inquebrantable- CD $10.00 (South american vegan straight edge hardcore powerhouse.)


Oubliette- Cries Of The Peaceful- CD $7.00 (Melodic metal-core from Virginia similar to Carcass, Undying and Prayer For Cleansing.)


Purified In Blood- Last Leaves Of A Dying Tree- CD $8.00 (Named Norway's best band by Alarm Magazine for 2005 and 2006, vegan straight edge metallic hardcore.)


Sentient- Violence Of Consumption- 7" $4.00 (Political vegan straight edge ferocious metallic hardcore with dual male/female vocal assault.)


Seven Generations- Slave Trade- CD $7.00 (Political vegan straight edge featuring members of Vegan Reich, Burn It Down, Tears Of Gaia, Sentient and Inhumane Nature.)


Seven Generations/Gather - Split 7" $5.00 (Double dose of California vegan straight edge hardcore.)


Socialized Crucifixion- More Than A Glance- 7" $5.00 (Vicious vegan political straight edge anarcho-punk with razor sharp female vocals. For Fans of: Nausea, Discharge and Filth. Red vinyl.)


This Time Tomorrow- The Learning- 7" $5.00 (From the Pacific Northwest comes This Time Tomorrow. The vegan hardcore band combines the upbeat style of Trial, Undertow, Brotherhood, and Champion with a darker more apocalyptic crust sound of bands like Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone and Catharisis.)









Send your Cd, Record, etc. for donation. Thanks for your suport.


All payments cash, check, or money order in U.S.funds. to: Schimelpfenig

All items are postage paid in USA. Canada/Mexico add $2.00 first item $1.00 each additional item. All other countries $4.00 first item $1.00 each additional item.


we accept paypal to: [email protected]



106 NW 50TH Street

Vancouver, WA 98663-1214 USA



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