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Heavy Bag / Speed Bag Workouts

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all the advice in the world from me is DONT HIT TOO HARD... you will hurt yourself, and you dont need to... dont aim to knock the back off the hooks, just aim about 2 inches deeper than the bag surface, if your bag's swaying wildly, you're hitting it un-nessecarily hard... and as far as i can tell you, just make your own way, put combo's on the bag, put single punches on the bag of one type, it's all about form, i cant stress this enough, ONLY punch with your index and middle ( or 1 and 2 ) knuckles, they're not only the only knuckles you have that would do damage to an opponent, But they're the ones that are lined up with your radius and ulna bones, and they're the ones that wont twist your hand/wrist as you're punching, which you want to avoid at ALL COSTS, it sucks... make a mistake like that in a fight and you're hand is out of commission... just concentrate on form for now, the heavy bag is all about freestyle and cardio, so have fun with it... and remember your muscles will build a lot faster than your tendons so dont go crazy everyday, you're liable to sprain a wrist.. good luck

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