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Gut to six pack? Toning? Help?

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Okay, where to start...


Basics about me:


I'm 20 years old, Male, about 5' 10", 155 lbs. With a slim/skinny figure.


My lifestyle:


I'm not an athelete. Never really have been.


I work a desk job. Meaning about 8 straight hours a day I sit in a chair with not a lot of physical activity.


I do not have any workout schedule, I do not go to the gym.


Probably the most excercise I get is from general horseplay with friends, and stuff to do with my band(performing, lifting equipment, ect...)




I'm just an average vegan, not raw or totally organic. I just eat what is good, available, and vegan. I don't use any supplements other than the occasional multivitamin. But I'm not opposed to the idea.


I try and make sure I get a few high protein meals in every day. Often times it's the simple, fast, and easy stuff like cereal(with soymilk), veggy burgers, tofurkey sandwhiches, and other mock meat & grains based meals. Though sometimes when I have time or feel like it I love to actually cook. I'm really getting into tofu and seiten.


Sometimes I snack on fruits, usually apples, bananas, and oranges because they're so common.


I drink alot of water, soy milk, and juices... but I admit I do induldge in the occasional soda probably more often than I should.


I don't eat a whole lof of junk food, but occasionally I go for candy and whatnot.




I'm not looking to bulk up much. I want to still be skinny. But to have a bit more toned look would be nice. Most importantly I want to get rid of the belly I got going. I don't need a rock hard six pack, but the blubber has to go.





So does anyone have any simple workout(sit ups? running?) suggestions that are more specified for that area? Can anyone see anything possibly wrong with my diet that would perhaps be causing me to gain just in the belly? Maybe I'm pregnant?

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Exercise or eat less. You can't spot reduce fat. For exercise anything that burns calories should do. You just need to burn more calories then you take in to lose the gut. As for the diet drop the soda, and eat more beans and less mock meat stuff, it's more healthly.

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