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Raw peas and beans

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Raw beans can be soaked for 24hrs then sprouted by draining them but keeping them moist by washing them every 12hrs or so...peas aren't worth it. They taste terrible. You can't sprout them and they don't taste good at all.

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i heard somewhere beans and peas are extremely toxic until cooked




I think it depends on the quantity. Also, some beans are more toxic than others, like if you eat enough raw kidney beans it could actually kill you.


I eat Green frozen peas and green beans raw without socking or anything.

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I have sprouted lentils and garbanzo beans and they are both quite tasty. The primary legumes to sprout (so I have been told) are adukis, lentils, garbanzos and mungs. They are supposed to be the least toxic and easiest to digest, adukis leading the pack.

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