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Best Tasting Protein Powders?

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My first post here on the board


Can someone please advise of some good tasting protein powders out there?


I know that Vega is very popular here on this board, and probably very tasty but I'm concerned that the 9 grams of fiber per serving will constipate me because I eat a ton of fiber in other foods.


I recently bought a big tub of Pure Advantage Pea Protein Vanilla and I feel like I"m going to throw up everytime I drink it. It is so ing.


I'm actually not that picky. But that Pure Protein is beyond gross. A neutral flavor that I can mix with some raspberries or a banana or have alone is fine.



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The fiber shouldn't do anything but help. So long as your eating under 70 grams you should be fine(very few people actually manage to eat that much). However 50-70g is probably a very healthy amount

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I agree about that pea protein powder. I've had the chocolate version and it was awful.


The best tasting protein powder I've ever had was the Whole Foods Chocolate Soy Protein Powder, but I'm not using it any more because it's got a good amount of sugar and I wanted to find a non-soy powder (I already eat a fair amount of soy products).


Now I take the Nutribiotic Vegan Vanilla Rice Protein Powder. I don't love it, but I throw in some vanilla hempmilk and a banana and it's not bad.

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