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Instead of doing a workout log i figured i'd do a blog about my raw summer i'm doing.


So far i've been raw since, today after lunch. Went shopping with my mom and got watermelon, dates, cucumber, avocado, kale, brocolli, pecans, mixed raw nuts, goji berries(my fav!) strawberries, bananas, sun dried tomatoes, pineapple and oranges, My mom already had a TON of spinach and apples. So far i've noticed i'm a lot more hungry and i've been trying to kill hunger pains with a handful of nuts and bananas. It works pretty well in between meals. I also snack on dates. I also have a ton of quinoa which i'll probably sprout tomorrow and add to a big honkin kale and spinach salad. I also have chickpeas i can sprout and alfalfa seeds.


Any suggestions about yummy raw foods would be great.(mainly things i can sprout) I think i'm going to head over to borders or barns and noble and get an uncookbook.



I've only lifted twice this summer thanks to a nasty cough + tattoo. Hopefully i'm going to get the nerve up to try running tomorrow. I hate hate hate hate hate running but i know that it'll help me lose weight. I'm also going to do some HIIT bag work and hopefully do arms, chest, shoulders tomorrow. Legs and back will be monday(NO WORK!!!)

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Today i woke up, had a banana, 2 oranges, apple, a bunch of nuts. I think i'm gonna have 2 whole mangos(maybe i'll share them ) and some watermelon with my family in a bit. We're going somewhere for memorial day and i plan on making a huge salad all for myself. Avocado, spinach, kale, cucumber. Maybe bring along some dates and goji berries too.

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Well besides a slight headache here and there the transition hasn't been too bad. I woke up and ate a bunch of watermelon and a handful of nuts. Gonna have 2 apples and cut up the other half of the watermelon. Maybe have some pineapple too.


My cough isn't letting up so i may just have to bite the bullet and workout through it. My tattoo isn't hurting anymore so maybe some easy lifting will do my body good.


I dated a girl at the end of the school year who lives in Austin. I am taking a trip down there to see her. We apparently both still really like each other a lot. Figures i find an awesome girl who lives in Texas. Hopefully i can get a Austin get together going by the time i leave town.

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