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Yang veggies?

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My sifu said for all the yang activity I do, I need to eat yang foods. Usually that is associated with meat. Obviously unacceptable.


Which veggies or fruit have more yang? I'm guessing kale, since it's strong and grows in the sun. Chili for sure, because it's spicy. Others?


I practice choy li fut kung fu, which has an internal qi moving aspect to it. Hence the need to balance the yin and yang in all things.

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Here's one list I found with google:

Black pepper. Brown sugar. Chocolate. Coffee. Garlic. Green peppers. Kidney beans. Leeks. Onions. Peanut butter. Roasted peanuts. Potato. Walnuts. Whisky. Wine.


And two guides for figuring out the yin and yang of the food (I was backwards about growing in the sun):




Yin Foods, Yang Foods

There are four factors that determine whether a food is yin or yang:


• How the food grows (including speed and direction).


• Where the food was grown (in northern or southern climates).


• The sodium-potassium content.


• And the effect the food has on the body (hot or cold effects).


In terms of mineral elements, Yin represents foods rich in potassium,

while Yang foods are high in sodium.


In general, yin foods are considered "cool," larger, have less salt, have potassium, and/or grow above soil. Yang foods are "warm" or "hot," smaller, have more sodium, and/or grow below the soil. In addition to eating yin or yang foods, to maintain balance followers of the philosophy believe you must also eat "cool" foods when it is hot, and "hot" foods when it is cold.


In addition to yin and yang, there are five elements, which must also be balanced. Each element is associated with a particular food quality and the ideal meal includes all five.


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