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Chaco Canyon Cafe in Seattle, WA


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Some pics I took when Rob and xdarthveganx came to Seattle a month ago..


heheheheh...it's all mine!



we all stare in amazement as Rob makes his fork dissappear



I don't know what that green drink is....and don't plan on finding out



this is more like my kind of food!




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Thanks for posting Ravi. I have very fond memories of Seattle. You are an awesome host and I really enjoyed your company and the city of Seattle. I really hope to be up there soon and perhaps, I'll be there next week on my way up to Canada


Hope to see you soon buddy!

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I have a feeling I'll be there again sometime soon! We should do a Portland-to-Seattle and back trip sometime, stopping by the hot spots in Seattle and visiting forum members up there.


Anyone interested?



I'm interested!!



I have been more foreign/not around as much because I live in Sherwood

and have no vehicle right now; so.. : /

But I would love to go up to Seattle anytime soon, just let me know when.


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