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a portland-area dog that needs to be rescued


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i work as a social worker at a nursing home. one of our newer residents cannot care for his 8 year old dog (schipperke/chihuahua mix; 8 years old; black female named buffy). he may be able to return to the community in 2 months and care for his dog, but this cant be promised, so this may turn into a long term committment. there were friends caring for Buffy, but they are no longer able to do this, and his daughter states in a couple days she will take Buffy to the pound if no caregiver is found. the resident is devastated, and so am i. Buffy doesnt do well with kids--can snap at kids that try to "play" with her. she is housetrained. very active, loving, excitable.

i am considering her myself, but i live in a third floor apt with no yard and i work long hours--that doesnt seem fair to her. i told the daughter that if she is taken to the pound she will likely be killed--and im sad to learn the humane society is full. if anyone is interested in fostering that could lead to adopting, please PM me.

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