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Photos from my June 9th Bodybuilding Contest


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Thanks to xdarthveganx for coming to my contest and for filming and taking pics. Much appreciated man!


I only have a few photos from this contest, but I have lots of videos. When I learn how to upload a video on YouTube I'll share the videos from my contest.


Anyway, here are a couple of shots. In one my tan wasn't very dark but it is at the end when I knew I wasn't in the top 3, and didn't apply any extra tan for the finals. For prejudging I was nice and tan


I had a lot of fun, made some friends but did not place very well. I thought I looked bad, but looking at photos, I actually didn't look too bad, the competition was just really tough. Some of the toughest competition I've ever had.


Are you ready for this?..............I place 5th of 5. I came in dead last making my debut competing in my home down of Corvallis, OR.


Oh well, I had a lot of fun and I don't really look that bad, the other guys were just bigger and better. I need more time to grow and I'll make more time to grow.


Here are just a couple of pics. I don't have very many at all:


Finals, posing after getting awards:





Prejudging bringing the back attack:



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I need more time to grow and I'll make more time to grow.


Nail on the head there mate. You don't have anything to prove so there is no need to step on stage when you know you aren't in contest shape. Take this comp as experience, hit the weights hard, eat well, rest and grow.


Also, I know that you like to stay lean all year round. That has got to come to an end - work out what you are eating at the moment and work up to adding 1000cal to that. You won't grow otherwise, and if you don't grow, you won't place well in comps. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you need to hear it.


Remember, you are young, you have plenty of time to compete. I know it isn't bobdybuilding, but at the last comp I was in, the guy who won the husafelt stone carry (it weighs just under 400lb) with a world class distance, Mike Daly, is 47:




Better to take a year or two off now to grow and reap the rewards later, than keep competing and not bulking.

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I agree...Robert should simply take me out to eat as a monitor for his diet. I will eat as much as I can and make him keep up with me.

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your back, arms, and legs looked great, but you lacked in the abs department in the one picture. Also, do what you feel like you want to do. If you like the sport of competing then compete and keep doing what youre doing. I eat clean all year round and personally dont care about size as long as the muscle looks good.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. I didn't diet down at all for this show because for the last month I've been bulking. The contest was in my home town so I couldn't turn it down. I think I was actually in some of my best shape ever! Even though I didn't place well, I looked bigger than I have in other contests. So that is a good thing. I think I was bigger and heavier than I've been on stage before so that was exciting. In general, I think my posing was better too.


I have some videos and I'll try to post those soon. (when I learn how).


I have been taking time to add weight. I started using free weights only and have been trying to eat more. So even though I competed last weekend, I didn't do any special diet or cardio (which I kinda felt guilty about since the other guys were starving themselves and had been training 3 times a day getting ready for the show). I was eating ice cream and 2-4 burritos a day leading up to the show


I'm glad I competed but I do know that I need to add more size and thickness to really be competitive in certain federations. I've had success in the past but the bottom line is that I've been the same weight for a while now and it's time for a change.


I will work to get heavier and I plan on taking not 1 year, but probably 2 years off from competing........after one more contest this summer


But again, I won't cut for it and my arms and everything else should just get bigger and I think I'll be fine since I'm naturally lean (I didn't cut at all and you can see all kinds of definition and cuts in my arms, back, legs, etc. from this past weekend, so my genetics will still let me compete as I bulk and I'll just be bigger and will have fun with this one final contest before I retire for 2 years to get fat).


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