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new home - new log

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during the last week I wasn't able to work out because I was moving into my new domicile. now almost everything is furnished and tidy which means I'm able to restart working out. and because my new home is way bigger than the old one, the new lelle also will be way bigger than the old one


here are some pictures I've taken recently:



the living room



the kitchen



the bathroom



food stocks



bedroom, not finished yet


there is also another room in which I will work out and pursue my other hobbies, didn't take any photos of this one yet because I have to clean it up first.


alright, time for the workout!

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hey! our animal rights group commissioned them at some flag-producing company (is that correct english? )

we had about 100 of them, some in black like the one in my living room and some in green. maybe there are some left, so if you want one just let me know. they cost about 10 euros

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