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Starting out

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Do two different workouts, and alternate them. Have one day on, one day off, with two days off if you feel that you need it.


Day 1:



Front squats


Narrow grip bench

Bent over rows




Day 2:


Push press


Strict shoulder press

Chins/lat pulldown




With regard to what to eat - just make sure that you eat regularly. Make sure that you get some protein with every meal, but don't get hung up on it. 1g protein per kg of bodyweight is enough. Work out what your average daily calorie intake is, and up it by 500-1000 as you start training. As you gain weight you will need to increase your calories.


If you get any sort of injury, which you eventually will get, don't train through it, but instead rest properly.


For descriptions of the exercises above and videos too, type them into google, and look at the links from exrx.net. It is a very informative website.


Hope that helps.



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If you're weak right now, then I'd start out with pushups, pullups, and one leg squats.


Day 1 do as many pushups as possible

Day 2 do as many pullups as possible. If you can't do any full reps, then do as many negatives as possible.

Day 3 work on one leg squats. You probably won't be able to the full exercise at first. That's normal. Here's a good way to start out http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler2.htm


Then go back to day one


Once you've been doing those for a month and you feel yourself getting stronger then I'd switch over to weights.


For food - eat oatmeal, nuts, beans, avocados, bananas, apples, orange juice.

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