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I have a question.

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I friend of mine is a trainer. And he once told me that when working out it is best to do muscle strength/weights etc... first, and THEN cardio. Like - biking, running, swimming....


He said it has to do with muscle memory and exhaustion - that muscles retain the strength better in that order.


He also said that most don't do it this way, and that is why you see a lot of athletes who are always working out but are still flabby.


Anyone have input on this?



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I don't think it matters...either way it will tire you for the other. Two hours of lifting will result in a lousy cardio workout(in terms of total output) while two hours of cardio will result in a lousy lifting workout. I do think its good to have a decent cardio warm up before every workout though. If you lift first maybe you can do cardio at the same speed for the same amount of time but you will require a lower tension on whatever equipment your using, or if your running your stride will be shorter.

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We can talk about it and figure out our schedules sometime soon...Now that i am done with school I have mornings free. I have hand weights but that is it.


sounds good! just let me know! ... i don't even have hand weights; i pretty much depend on isometrics!


.....and i need to reserve you for a 2 hr. session.... REALLY BAD!

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