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Photos from my race this morning


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Waiting for the start



Stretching out



Vegan Muscles!



Contemplative before the race



Lining up a couple rows from the front



100m from the finish








To top off the great morning, on the walk home we saw that the neighbourhood KFC had closed down for good! No more gross smell everytime we walk down the street!


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Yep. It was the first 5K I've run in over two years. I'm kinda scare of them because they're so intense. But I've got two more planned for this summer, and this was a great start to the season!


"Power Vegan"

what was your time?

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5K is five kilometers. It would be kinda odd for us to be using funny American measurements up here in Canada!

Didn't Canada also have the yard, foot, thumb, goat and poncho measuring system like the US has until recently?


No, we used the index finger, ankle-to-knee, beaver and toque system. It's totally unique to Canada.

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Thanks everyone!


cool, you look muscular like a sprinter!


I know, and actually this held me back from doing longer distance runs for a long time. I thought that someone with a sprinter's body couldn't do long races. Then seven years ago I saw a big muscular guy finishing the local marathon and I thought "I could do this!".

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