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huge exam, everything on the line


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So, I am frantically studying for my National Exam toward becoming Licensed as a Massage therapist. I have basically been preparing for this for a whole year. I am feeling very under prepared and stressed, I will fell awful if I fail it, and it will be a couple of hundred (or more) dollars to retake it i fail and more time. I have a hard time sitting down for hours and taking a test, plus the wording can be confusing and not what I am used to.

the anxiety is building and the clock is ticking.

On one hand I want to stay up late to study, on the other hand I know I ought to get good rest and feel confident with what I know and have learned.

Loveliberate is at work, so I am mixing studying with taking care of the kids and the housework... not actually that different that my whole year in school.

Luckily the kids are being pretty mellow right now.

I have a review book and there are online resources that I am using. I also plan to go over my school materials.

Well that is all for now, I just wanted to vent.

Wish me luck...and send positive thoughts my way!


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Best of luck Lotus! I remember those days. You were the top student in your class and in the whole school. You will do great!


I look forward to hearing how it goes and I wish you an awesome career! I'm sure you'll see me stop in from time to time for bodywork when you're licensed.


Go get em!

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Congratulations! WE knew you'd go great!!!!


Awesome job! This is really exciting, especially to me because I've been there too, doing the same tests, and being friends with you I know it is an exciting time.


Well done!!!

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