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new routine. please comment.

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the idea is to really stimulate growth by hitting every muscle group twice a week, once hard and once light. i go for 4-8 reps every set except when it comes to legs and calves where i do 10+, every excersise i do for 3 sets.



Monday. Hard triceps & shoulders, light chest & legs



Narrow grip bench presses

Side lateral raises

Incline dumbell press

Cable front raises

Bent over lateral raises

Cable pushdowns

Shoulder presses



Tuesday. Hard biceps, light back & calves


Bent over barbell row (sup grip)



EZ curls

Dumbell curls



Thursday. Hard chest, light triceps, front delts & legs


Incline dumbbell presses


Dumbbell bench presses

Dips (since my gym doesn't have a belt this becomes a high rep excersise)

Dumbbell flyes

Leg curls


Friday. Hard back, light biceps, calves, mid and rear delts


Chins (here i will do as many as i can for three sets, often around 8-12)

Bent over barbell rows

Lat pull downs (v-grip)


Upright rows


I know that the triceps gets hit pretty hard on thursdays and biceps on fridays but i think it will work out fine.

Due to an old injury i can't do deadlifts. Hopefully my back is okay by this fall so i can do a real hardcore routine.


please comment, criticize and give me ideas.

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damn mark. i just realised it before i read your reply. i don't work my lower back because of an injury. hopefully i can start deadlifting and such this fall. the abs i do light, bodyweight, about two times a week or when i feel like it. often i do hanging leg lifts and crunches.


thanks for replying. really appriciate it.

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You really can have growth working each muscle group hard twice a week. I did it working each group 3-4 times a week(didn't rest often but when I did I really rested...I also ate tons). I think you will grow much faster doing it this way. As for abs I think they should be part of every day's workout. They should really be a part of the warmup. Maybe not intense every day but its good to wake them up and get them ready for lifting.

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