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Is anyone on here in to the art of parkour? Do you ever walk around and think of everything around you as one big obstacle course? I know I do, and that's why I think parkour is a such a great concept. It seems like something that would just be a lot of fun to do.

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I dabble in it. I started doing it with my bike trials friends. We'd be out for a ride, and put the bikes down and parkour for a bit. We'd often parkour a section to figure out how to ride it. Trials is basically parkour on a bike. Or is it that parkour is trials without a bike... Either way I have to get out and do some more parkour. I don't do the really high stuff, or crazy flips (which isn't really parkour anyway, it's tricking) because I don't wanna get hurt and mess up my training, or my ability to do my job which is somewhat physical. There's a pretty good scene where I live, and there's even organized parkour classes.


I do see good parkour lines everywhere I look. I used to see trials lines everywhere I looked, but not so much anymore.


Definitely gotta go out and rip it up soon...

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