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4 Day a Week Bodybuilding Program

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Check this split out. I've been using it for a long time now (in one form or another) and it has consistently given me good results. The exact number of sets is variable; sometimes I only do 2 working sets of a given exercise if I'm using heavy weights/lower reps (5-6 reps to failure). Usually I do three sets, and keep the reps in the 8-9 range until failure. This is completed within 7-8 days. Sometimes I do one day on and one day off, sometimes 2 on, 1 off. It depends how I feel and what I have to do other than train.


Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.




3 sets Flat Barbell Bench Press

2 sets Incline DB press

1 set High Rep Flat DB Press

2 drop sets Flyes

2-3 sets Dips

3 sets Decline BB Press

3 sets Tricep Pushdowns



2 sets Pullups

3 sets Seated Cable Row

3 sets Lat Pulldowns

3 sets Bent Over DB row

2 sets T-bar rows

2 sets Preacher curls

2 sets Olympic Bar curls



3-4 sets Full Squat

3 sets Leg Press

2 sets Wide Hack squat

2 sets Narrow Hack squat

1-2 sets Hack squat lunges

3 sets Lying Hamstring curls

3 sets Leg extensions

2-3 sets seated/standing Hamstring curls



3 sets Clean and Press

3 sets Olympic Bar curls

2 sets Seated shoulder Press

3 sets Preacher curl drop sets

3 sets Overhead Tricep extensions

3 sets Hammer curl/DB curl variations

3 sets Tricep Pushdowns

3-5 sets of Shrug variations


Calves every workout day during rest times

Target workout length: 90 minutes

Cardio and abs during off days

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jack of all trades = master of none. basically i think you are doing too many different exercises. while in theory it seems like a good idea, it usually is not in practice. cut your number of exercises in half and rotate them in and out every 3 weeks or so. it just seems like you are tying to do the same thing 3 different ways on many of those days. 90 minutes is too long also. you'll stop being productive after 45 minutes or so.

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