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Pictures of the Pink man

Dr. Pink

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I'll upload some from time to time. It takes a while for me to load pics. My only means is through my mothers camera phone. I have to send it to my email, save to my computer, then upload to internet. but here is a few that are already up.




I'm the Hulk Yo





Me chillin in the car in my Jean Jacket




MY side view


Not to mention I take all my own pictures. My mom's camera phone sucks at full body shots.

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I don't want to take away from Pink's photos, just thought it was cool that we were matching.


My whole left side is bigger.


Pink, if you come out to Oregon, bring the hat. We'll so some posing together.


Oh yeah I've been wanting to go to Vegan Holiday for a while. But can't go this year. Hopefully by next year I'll be independent with my own job and an electric car.


BTW awesome pic lol.


More pics coming soon. And once I get a webcam there will be an endless string of them

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You can actually make one out of an old bug for a few thousand miles but they aren't so practical since they can only go about 30 miles on a charge. Its fine for small trips and makes sense but not for much more. However the kit is well under $5000. But again its not practical for most people since the little trunk space it has is full of batteries.

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Simple. I'm gonna find a great paying job and make payments. 100,000 is alot but in low payments of perhaps 300 dollars a month I could totally do that.



umm I hope this is seriously a joke. Even with zero percent interest you would be paying a good 10- 15 times that much. a 100,000 home loan at 6-7% interest spread over 30 years is almost 1000 bucks a month. Auto Loans are 5 year loans. Do the math.

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