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Built by SAAB


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Built By SAAB = S.A.A.B. (Swedish Attractive Athletic Babe)


On a recent visit from a Swedish friend of mine, LizWorld whipped me into shape.


Here I am, built by S.A.A.B.


Saab AB is an aviation and defense company based in Sweden and founded in 1947 in Trollhättan. Its name was an acronym for "Svenska Aeroplanaktiebolaget" (translates to Swedish Aeroplane Limited), thus written as "SAAB".


LizWorld seems to bring out the best in me, in many aspects of life, including training. Photos from our trip to Canada:























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Wow look at you!! Them pics turned out great!


(However I wasn't doing much but recovering from food poisoning, whining a bit and making fun of you posing all the time so I can't take ANY credit at all!!! It's all you, Robert. And you're pulling it off very well )

But Charles gym sure has grat light! And you were well pumped too.

Now lets get you bigger so you can start kicking everyone's ass compeating!!


SO I guess you'll be known as that airplane dude now hah?

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.....if I ever get the lats that I want, then I'll officially have "wings" and I can be referred to as the Swedish Airplane


Of course you don't need credit for taking the photos (but I appreciate your patience as I flexed and put on different outfits), but more for helping to motivate me and for kicking my butt in the gym leading up to the photos in Canada.


Shake and Bake!

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