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Dairy Problems?

What most common symptom did you experienced when consuming dairy?  

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I actually drank quite a bit of milk but I never realized any problems since I always drank lots of milk. All I know is that I felt a million times better when I stopped. Nothing specific...just in total.

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I've lived out of milk products all my life and I always thought my issues were normal. Well it turned out I was like hyper allergic to that stuff and when I stopped having it, I was like a total other person!! And I thiught...so THIS is how it's supposed to be eh?

Milk is EVIL!!

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Only 100's of millions of people also need this info . I used to be a vegetarian who only ate coldwater fish, but I realized that I was sensitive to that a lot. During night time, my head would twitch before I went to sleep, now the twitch is gone. Also, my skin was very red, now it's doing very well. Thanks chlorophyll! Veganism is awesome if you know what you're doing.

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