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help with fat content and tracking....

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i (for the most part) keep track of how many calories/carbs/protein/g of fat i get each day. since olive oil and nuts are considered 'good' fat for you how would you keep track of grams of fat? like if i ate some ice cream (sorry, not vegan but veggie for 13 yrs!) i would count that fat in my total for the day but since nuts and the like are good for you would you put their fat content in there as well? i hope i was clear with what i'm asking

thanks guys!


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Fats in nuts have, according to several researches(at www.pubmed.com), been proven to speed fat loss and improve test results for heart conditions and cholestrol and such! The fat in nuts doesn't get fully absorbed either due to other researches, probably though we don't chew them into liquid.

Keep in mind, that one tablespoon of fat, which is 15 ml, doe sNOT equal 15 grams of fat!! The density is lower, so the fat content in one tblsp would be 10-12 grams, not 15.


To get to the subject and the point, if you, for some reason, want to keep track of your fat intake, you should count all fats, good as well as bad!

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I was in the bad shape when I counted calories because I based a subjective standard to my body's mechanics. I was eating too much because I calculated that I "needed" to eat that much. I just listen to my body when I'm hungry, and only eat when I'm hungry. I don't do a post workout shake and all that stuff if I'm not hungry after my workout. I don't do shakes at all. Anyway, I'm in the best shape of my life because I listen to my body cuz my body knows exactly how many calories I need. I just make sure I get some seeds and avocado everyday. people try and make it so important to have a "perfect" ratio of fat/carbs/protein. As long as your food is healthy, there's not too much to worry about unless you go overboard with a particular macro nutrient. Just not eating that much fat is good enough in my opinion

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