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I might start doing some Yoga soon

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I'm chillin out these days and some think Yoga will help me out even more. So I'm considering it.


One of my friends from massage therapy school (8 years ago) teaches some Yoga classes here in Portland so I may go for a couple of weeks while she's still here (guest teaching at her sister's yoga studio) and then if I like it, continue on somewhere here in town.


I've done yoga in the past.


I used to be involved in tai chi, nia, yoga, all that stuff back when I was in massage school.

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Hey Robert,


I recently started doing 2 Iyengar asana (yoga) classes a week.


For those who feel like they need to participate in some kind of physical activity everyday, practicing asanas is a great "active recovery" form of exercise. I like to cycle/climb/weight lift one day and follow it with a rest/yoga day. It's working great for me.


The psycho-spiritual element of practicing asanas is also very rewarding.

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Do it, do it, do it!

In the past, I have gotten so addicted that I pretty much scrapped weight training all together . . . but, that definately took a toll on my body fat % . . .

I just started complementing my program with class recently too - so good to be back practicing - there really is no comparison - and I find that taking a break from it has brought me back to it more focused and able to do poses that I wasn't able to do before.


Check out yogatoday.com - free download-able class every day!

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I've been doing Yoga for a couple of days now


My favorite person from massage school 8 years ago is one of the instructors. I bumped into her recently and she invited me to come to class.


It has been pretty cool. I've done 90-minute sessions of Vinyasa and Hot Yoga so far. Both were fun.


www.yogaunioncwc.com is the website for the place I'm learning my practice.

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I've started doing yoga as well. I go to a free 90-minute class once a week and do yoga videos at home at least twice a week. I'm actually downloading some of the Yoga Today videos right now! Thanks, Lindsay!

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