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Burbank, CA


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Hi everyone!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be on this board - and a big thank you to Robert for personally responding to my email to activate my account!

So, here's my deal. I've been a certified personal trainer since 1999 - I love working out and all things fitness/athletics related - yoga, running, blading, lifting, sports . . .

I have been vegan for long periods at a time . . . usually starting in the spring or summer or after a cleanse ... however, I always fall back into the traditional (and I know, yucky) bodybuilding diet of oats, egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, broccoli, yams and whey protein.

I truly believe that veganism is the most ethical, environmentally responsible and healthy way to live . . . I just haven't (and I know - this is going to sound selfish and shallow) had the best physical results with the diet. My body is leaner and more toned when I eat animal products.

Or so I thought . . .

I've really been thinking about this lately and I think that when I have stopped eating meat in the past - I have taken a less aggressive physical program ... just kind of flowed naturally to do more gentle exercise on a more gentle diet.

I also think I have fallen into the habit of too many vegan treats . . . they are so yummy! But, just like on an omnivorous diet - if you eat crap - you're gonna look like crap!

But, after much research, now finding this website, reading Eat to Live (and I just ordered The Thrive Diet) I truly believe a strong, lean body can be built on a vegan diet. I can finally feel great about what I put in my body and how it looks.

I am currently holding steady at about 20% BF - I am 5'2 and 1/2 and weigh 130 lbs - I hold a lot of muscle - and this percentage - looks pretty toned and tight on me.

However - I want to be ripped - always have wanted to be - I don't know if it's genetics or what - but, the leanest I have ever gotten is 17 - 18% BF at about 120lbs.

Here is my current workout program:

AM: M, W, F 45 min Run outside

T, Th spin bike 30 - 45 min

Sat - 60 min run


M - back bi or chest tri

T - Legs

W - yoga or off

Th - Chest Tri or back bi

F- shoulders

Sat - Legs

Sun - off or yoga





Here is my diet -


7:30am 1/4 cup oats (dry) w/ 1 tbsp pure applesauce and one piece fruit

shake - 1 tbsp hemp protein

2 tbsp Vitamin Shoppe soy free veggie protein

1 tbsp Trader Joes Very Green


1 tsp glutamine

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/2 cup unsweeted soy milk

1/2 cup frozen berries

1 packet Stevia


10:30 am

Nutribiotic Rice Protein shake (2 tbsp mixed with water)


12:30 pm

veggie stir fry no oil

tofu or tempeh - one serving

3/4 cup quinoa or brown rice


3:30 pm

One piece fruit

14 almonds


6:30 pm

big salad with all kinds of veggies - and beans

another veggie dish - steamed

Maybe some tofu or tempeh if really hungry



one piece fruit

1 tbsp nuts


We'll see how this goes - I'm really excited - feel amazing and am really looking forward to meeting new people with the same interests and passions as me!!

In the past, I haven't felt like I've had any support for this - noone ever wants to go to the latest veg restaraunt with me or go to the beach for a run!!

Can't wait to read and participate in all the posts!!

That's all for now . . .

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Wow, what a great intro! Welcome Lindsay! We're happy to have you here and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from us and we can learn a lot from you.


We have a wide variety of vegans, athletes and others here. We're from all experience levels...some pro athletes like Brendan Brazier (though he doesn't visit often) and others elite athletes, amateur athletes and casual or non-athletes.


Thanks for finding us and for participating in our forum.


We look forward to hearing more from you.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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When I tried being a vegan the first time, I lost muscle mass, body weight, strength, and memory. It was because I wasn't eating enough calories. The thing I realized after becoming a vegan my 2nd time (which I've been ever since) is that you can eat so much more food compared to an omnivorous diet. It's all about the type of calories you get. My diet consists of so many nutrients with so little calories. I also follow the Eat to Live philosophy, NOT a McDougall grain-based-low nutrient diet. Plus, I don't take protein powders because of their low nutrient density and I believe, just as Dr. Fuhrman, that you can get all of your protein in proportion with how much calories you eat from whole foods. Since this program, my strength has risen, I have become ripped, gained more muscle mass, and have a mind as sharp as an arrow. My brother keeps telling me, "you can't stay this big because you aren't getting enough protein". Still, I haven't lost any muscle mass whatsoever. Oh, how omnivores are blind from the truth ... Hope everything works out great 4 ya!

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Welcome Lindsay76! You are on the right path! From your intro's sample day - I would suggest increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables (pref raw) and decreasing the processed stuff. If you want to be lean and mean, this is the way. Don't stress about protein!

This forum will no doubt help to keep you on the path...

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I'ts great to have another competitor online. I have always cut with animal products too, so the vegan diet that I started has not been in the cutting stage at all. It'll be awesome to hear about your journey!

I took a break from show due to starting a PhD program last year, and I'm not sure if I'm going to compete again. It's really hard on me pschologically.

I have found a new love to replace that though...martial arts. I just started a few weeks ago and find it satisfies my body, mind, and spirit.

I love the vegan diet and I feel so much better on it. I can't imagine going back to eating animal products.

All the best on your journey!

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Welcome to the forum Just to let you know...there's no need to lower intensity for a gentle diet. If anything it should be able to increase due to better recovery(so long as you eat a good vegan diet).

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Welcome. I'm new here as well, and have found the forum a great source of information and support.


So how is the "Trader Joes Very Green", what's in it? I'm looking for a green to add to my hemp protein shake in the AM.


I drink a green called Green Magma. It's basically a Organic barley green juice... It's one of Scott Jurek sponsor (OA's Pro-Activist) He's also an ultramarathoner who won the 243km Spartathon last year. Not bad flavor either. Tastes really healthly green. I mix it with maca root powder and that in the morning.


I hope this helps you !

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Welcome Lindsay! I just started the Thrive Diet - and would love to compare notes with you. I post my daily diet and activities in the Online Training Journal of this forum I'm new to making raw food recipes, so am learning as I go along. One hint: if you add 1 tbs warm water to 1 tbs ground flax seed and let it sit for a few minutes - it will give you an "egg-like consistency" for nut burgers & pancakes, etc that they need in order to hold together

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