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Another way of fasting is based on the movement of moon. This is based on thousands of years old technique. Yogis have fasted this way for thousands of years. I personally have been fasting like this for over 20 years and I think if I had to give up all my health related things and keep just one, I would keep fasting. The benefits of fasting are numerous.


The fasting is done on the 11th day (Ekadashi) and 15th (full moon or new moon day) day of the lunar cycle. Typically there are 2 lunar cycles each month, so I fast about 4 times a month.


On the day of fast, ideally the whole day I wouldn't eat or drink (yes, without ANY type of food or drinks). All day and all night I fast. Next morning, I break fast with warm water with little bit of lemon/lime juice with some salt and honey. This lemon water tastes soooooo good after 24 hours of fasting, I can't even describe it.


I drink about 2-3 large glasses of lemon water for about 1-2 hours slowly. This is VERY good for cleansing the system. Excess acid causes diarrhea type condition and the digestive track is cleansed thoroughly. Half and hour later, eat 1 ripe bananna which restores the PH balance. About half an hour later, I have a light breakfast.


Those who can't fast this way can also fast with liquids. Everything else is the same except that you can have water, milk, clear soups or fruit juices all day as much as you like. This fast is also very effective.


If you need the dates for fasting for 2007, PM me.

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Any thoughts?

IMO therapeutic fasting should be water-fasting. If you really want to give the digestive system a complete rest, there is no other way. If you eat (and drinking juiced food is eating, too) the bodies' ability to detox and heal itself is impaired.

Btw: IMO the acid in lemons are so strong that the body will try to get rid of them as quickly as possible if eaten in bigger amounts. This is why it seems to be a cleansing agent. The body acts on the lemon, not the other way around.


I tottaly agree with Flanders. Also, according to my vegan holistic doctor, lemons are a powerful tool for detoxification but they should be eaten in moderation.


I have also heard of juice feasting (as i've mentioned earlier in this thread) but i'm a bit sceptical because of the reasons that flanders mentions (ie "the body's ability to detox and heal is impaired)

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