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Can you recommend a yoga video?

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I go to yoga once a week. There is a free class at the library twice a week and I started going to the class on Saturday mornings. The class is nice, but not very challenging. I would like to start doing yoga more often than once a week. There's a yoga studio just around the block, but it's super expensive -- hence the free classes at the library. I was thinking for the cost of one or two sessions at the expensive studio it would be great to invest in a DVD that I could use over and over again. Does anyone here have any recommendation? And if so, can you also say a little bit about why you recommend it? Thanks!

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Oh - and check out Yoga Today - www.yogatoday.com -you download a software program and your computer automatically downloads a new one hour yoga program every day - I love this one!!


Wow, this is awsome! I can't download the software because I use a Mac, but I'm totally going to download each new video and add it to my iTunes videos. Thank

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I 'second' the Bryan Kest yoga videos.


I have all three and they are awesome!!


Might need to stick to the 1st in the series if you are a beginner. I've been practicing yoga for 12 years and some of the poses were new to me and a challenge!

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