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Resistance Bands

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I tried searching for info on this here, but didn't come up with anything. Sorry if it has been discussed at length elsewhere. Anyhoo, do those stretchy resistance bands work? I use them occasionaly in my workout, but I'd integrate them more into my routine if I knew they were as effective, or at least complimentary to, regular weight training. I only have one size, but I wrap it around my coffee table to shorten it or use it for both arms at once.

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yes, they work great! I see I am the only one in the gym who will use one(when I actually go to the gym). Remember though.. they are resistance bands so you want to go slow on the lowering or the negative part of the rep and not fast. Going fast defeats the purpose. I typically do high reps with them(like 30 +/-) and man do they burn when I go slow!!!!

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