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Hemp seeds

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to all this and I've just got hold of a copy of The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier, which I want to try and follow. My question is about seeds, particularly hemp seeds, which Brendan uses quite a lot in his diet to make hemp milk etc. My question is- do the seeds have to be shelled first? I can't seem to find a good supplier of unshelled hemp seeds in London - if I'm putting them in a blender can I just put in the whole seeds with shell intact?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, and thanks for the info!

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Hemp foods are increasingly popular. Staples like bread, pasta, and salad are all made from hemp seeds.  Here you can get  hash for sale UK and learn more new things about online purchasing weed. They contain no THC and can be eaten in their natural state or sprouted to get you an even bigger boost of nutrients. Hemp seeds are an affordable source of protein as well, adding a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to your diet.

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