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sprouted chickpea hummus


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Its very simple. Use about 2.5 cups of sprouted chickpeas...1/3cup of sprouted sesame...1/4cup of olive oil(less if you want but I like it like this)...1tbls of oregano...1tsp of rosemary...1tsp of pepper...pinch of salt and that seems to do the trick. You can very easily add and take away things to make it to taste...but this seems to be a good base. I add mustard seed, or other herbs to mix things up sometimes.

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I did it. I chose to flavor it with cumin and tahini and it was okayyyyyy..I wanted to love it, but i didn't, so i put a little on a lettuce leaf chopped up some dates, sprinkled these on top and wrapped it all up. This was good. There's still that mettalic taste. that's how i describe it. Next time i will try seasoning it with the rosemary. thanks!!

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You actually don't need garlic in it...although its good. Raw garlic has so much bite but you need a lot of it if you plan on eating the hummus fresh. If you wait a day it'll be too strong and pungent...but you should eat it all the first day anyhow since it won't be a living food for very long all minced up.

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After months of experimenting this is what I came up with


1 cup sprouted chick peas (sprouts not much longer than pea)


2 table spoons of tahini or 1/4 cup of sprouted sesame seeds


2 table spoons of flax oil


juice of half a lemon


1 glove of garlic


1/2 tea spoon of ground cumin


season to taste


blend adding warm water to get the right consistency. This makes a good base to work with.




table spoon of milled flax seeds.


1 tee spoon of lemon zest and 2 table spoons of fresh corriander.


1 tee spoon of pine nuts, 2 table spoons of fresh basil and one roasted red pepper




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