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Meat is good and if you don't like America,go live in Russia


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Did anybody here ever listen to Consolidated in the early 90s? They were fucking awesome and a true inspiration. If you don't know about them...they were a hip-hop/techno group that were pro-choice, vegetarian, pro-gay and lesbian rights and anti-war/Bush I. (This was during the first Gulf War)If you can, get their cd "Friendly Fa$cism"..it is AWESOME!!! In many of their songs they would lay down beats and play samples of people speaking at their shows...the best is some dumb woman yelling at them and saying "meat is good and if you don't like America, go live in Russia"...she also says "god said man shall have dominion over the animals, not a big wad of tofu"..to which one of the guys replied"he also says man shall have dominion over women, so do you buy that shit too?"...Brilliant! I've actually had people say those same things to me...once a woman said that same BS to me about dominion and I wanted to reply similarly saying "It also says men have dominion over women, so shut the fuck up!"..but I didn't...but I sure thought it...

In their song "Sexual POlitics of Meat" they have Carol Adams read from her book of the same title...really good stuff...meat consumption through a feminist lense...heavy duty! And the beats are FUNKY AS HELL!!!!

Anyways, we listened to that cd last night on a car trip and it brought back fond memories...anybody know what they are up to these days?

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