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L.A. Fitness

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Do some research online and you'll find a lot of people have some pretty seriously negative things to say about L.A. Fitness. Especially in regards to canceling the membership.





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I joined Pure Fitness after going to LA Fitness for a while. Had no problems cancelling my membership. I prepaid 3 years dues @ PF & got the 4th free, which comes out to $14/month. Very happy with it, too. Free personal training 1x/mo (you of course have to resist the sales pitches, but still), and they have a Kids Klub day care...nothing fancy (no pool or sauna at mine, but I never used those anyhow), but if you want a good workout at a great price, I say PF is the way to go if there's one close to you! Oh, and unlike LAF, it's real people working out, not Barbie and Ken showing off for each other!

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