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Welcome back Corey!


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Natalie - fantastic doesn't even begin to describe it! I'm going through all of my pictures right now and reliving all of the little moments. I was so lucky to have so many awesome experiences. I will write more later, but for now I'm off to bed. If you want, you can check out my blog that I kept while I was over there: www.coreyoriaworld.blogspot.com

And thanks for the warm welcome back!


Brendan - too kind, too kind. You're not so bad yourself. And what's this I hear about an ultimate vegan vacation? I like the sounds of this ...

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Hey Corey!


Welcome back! We have many new people for you to get to know on here.


The Ultimate Vegan Vacation Brendan is referring to (I assume ) is the Vegan Fitness Team Vacation 2006.


There is a link to it in General Discussion and I think it is over 7 pages long now so you can skim through it and get brought up to speed.


Basically we're planning a big vegan vacation in 2006, and trying to decide on a location and see who wants to attend. It will be for next summer so I'm sure dozens more will add to the list of interested people as the months go on.


Have a great time back at home and catch you on the forum soon!



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