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Hey everyone,


Well, I'm relatively new to veganism although have been vegetarian for a year now. I felt that it was time to move forward to go fully vegan. I've been enjoying it thus far and have it to be very straightforward and relatively easy.


I am a long distance cyclist (bicycle tours) and try to maintain a weight training regime (mostly upper body) in the winter months. Once I do my final move to NYC (come Sept), I will be adding judo to the mix.


Anyways, I figured it'd be helpful for me to have a place like this to ask questions if need about how to ensure I do things right. And the best for my body without sacrificing others.


Let's see.. I'm an IT instructor (read: geeky type) and am in Canada, waiting for my visa to finalized.


If you have questions, ask away.

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Hello & Welcome!

Questions: What part of Canada are ya in & what kind of visa?




I'm just outside of Toronto and it's an L-1 visa (transfer from foreign location of a company to the US). Means a bit of a longer stay with less renewal time. But there is a limitation to it. So I may explore other options after I'm in the US for a bit.

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After an extended absence I've returned. I finally got my work visa into the US and after an extended time in limboland (not having a place to live for 3 months ) I now am starting to settle down in Kew Gardens, NY. Because of travel over the next 4 weeks (San Fran/LA), I won't be able to start my workout program but will be doing so starting Jan. I'm looking at doing Yoga 3-4 times a week and then free weights on the other days. Once my stuff is moved here, I'll add my cycling so I can get back into long distance cycling form.


If anyone is in the KG area and wants a partner to work out with, let me know..

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