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Super Photo Post #2


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I wish I was still there....but the next best thing is to just look through the photos a few times. This was a great holiday and I am so happy to have met such amazing people.


Vegan Vacation 2007 Beach House Pics:

Full Album Here: Vegan Vacation 2007 Beach House


My favorite pic! You couldn't ask for better weather on Saturday.




Group shot....gkleinman, tasha, jesse and odidnetne



The fog rolled in eventually, but the scenery was still amazing...



Rob roasting his wiener and almost burning his hand off in the process!



I don't think Potter ate the whole watermellon, but let's just pretend he did...



...and of course....even on a leisurely beach stroll, Potter comes prepared!



Full Album Here: Vegan Vacation 2007 Beach House

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It's too bad you didn't come. I wanted to meet you!

I second that so much!


aww well thank you, you two.

I wanted to meet all of yous as well.

It will just have to wait a year and build up lots of anticipation! hehe.


I'm scrambling to get myself back on my feet in life (financially, health-wise, and heart-wise) so thats why I couldnt attend this year.


But I am aiming to come to the VV next year 100% percent. I am taking 1 year here to work a job and save up so I can attend the VV '08, and then head off to europe to explore around there.

I'll be 100% raw and hopefully have some raw muscles too by then.

so hide your produce VV '08, Im gonna eat it all lol


so, I will see everyone next year?

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Thanks for posting some pics Ravi. It was awesome having you there! My knee muscles look totally sweet in the photo where I'm holding my weiner.


I have a bunch of photos and videos to post and I'll try to do that one of these days in the near future.


The good times keep rolling on!

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We are having fun! I have some group photos with 20 of us in the picture so I'll get to those soon. We had 27 people stay at our Beach Vacation Home.


We're all just too exhausted to post many pics. I go to bed around 3AM and I think others often stay up later.


Days are busy but all is awesome! We miss you Daywalker!

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It's so funny how big I actually look in those pictures, standing next to Tasha & Jessi.


That's because you are big ..

those 15 vega bars a day are paying off


Yeah, I guess they are, now I have to do that other part....Oh yeah, working out.


You're the best Ed

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